Elected Officials to be Accountable?

Why is it that when a politician amongst us walks – he/she is greeted no less than an Emperor (or Empress)? They are NOT above us. They are simply men and women elected by us – for us. However all that changes once they win. I recently was told of an incident where a voter (a very educated person) was trying to seek an appointment with his MNA of his locale. All but in vain. Finally after 19 days of trying when he did get an audience, the entire stage and experience upset him. The politician acted no less than royalty. When my good-natured friend questioned the MNA about his activities and what he has done, etc. the entire situation turned ugly and bitter. My friend left wondering how now it is almost a crime to ask your elected representative as to what they are doing whilst in power?
MNAs and MPAs, et. al. today act like they are above the law and everything else. Like they are not accountable. Like we (the very people for putting them in power) are stupid. That we are gullible (I have to agree on that), that we simply need to be told and kept in the dark. Do MNAs/MPAs obey traffic rules? Get cited for breaking them? How much ‘free/complimentary’ stuff/services do they get? Do they report the same? Do we have a log / progress report of our elected priests/priestess of how many minutes they spent debating or how many hours they have logged in the National or Provincial assemblies? What was their attendance rate? What’s the ‘progress’ report? How effective / efficient have they been since in power. Do they set an example of what they preach in rallies? Why cannot an MNA/MPA be held accountable for the people, by the people? Why must one shudder at the very thought of questioning an elected official. Does anyone have the balls to go up to an MNA or MPA who is driving with guards – and ask them to produce the license for their weapons? And what about the violation of displaying of arms in public? Can they be charged for it? What about petrol theft (you would be SURPRISED at how many MNAs and MPAs get free petrol/diesel – its not actually free – but consider that to be the way – as the elected official is not paying for it).

Why cannot we hold our politicians accountable? Why must we restrict our conversations regarding our disgust for elected officials at luncheons and dinner parties. Why not in a more accountable manner and platform? Even a neutral TV appearance with a simple Yes/No list of 20 basic questions would be a good start. I know this is wishful thinking – but it would be a start.

4 thoughts on “Elected Officials to be Accountable?”

  1. This is the biggest dilemma of our nation that we don’t think pragmatically when its time for us to choose. Many of us either choose them for no good reason and the rest just give them votes for some of our own personal temporary good… n ofcourse that does not bring fruits… we despise them and feel relaxed when they are been over thrown by some dictator and next time when elections arrive we forget the past and repeat the same stupidity again… we as young generation of our country HAVE to stand up and reject this behavior and if we don’t succeed in that we ought to make our next generation that much capable to accomplish this task…cheers :)

  2. I couldn’t agree more. They dont even know their fathers name. I for one witnessed the same behind Columbus Towers. Two land cruisers MNA / MPA (no number plates) written on it parked in the middle of the road and their guards started bullying people to use alternate lanes. Such a shame

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