Letter to CEOs of Ebay and PayPal… Delivered.

A few days ago, I embarked on my annual routine of writing to Ebay and PayPal – asking them why their services are not being offered in Pakistan? I have been doing this for a couple of years now.
This year, I decided to write a letter and write to the very top, i.e. the two CEOs of Ebay and PayPal, John Donahoe & Scott Thompson.

Rather than just email, I decided to formally send a letter and Fedex’d it to them. The letters were delivered yesterday. Now it is a wait and see – as to what they will say.

This page was last updated on October 9, 2020.

15 thoughts on “Letter to CEOs of Ebay and PayPal… Delivered.”

  1. I’ve seen your site, you’re definitely NOT legit. So you out of all the people should not be telling to stop crying. Because if PayPal does come in Pakistan, your so-called model for earning income is finished.

  2. PayPal in Pakistan : Like i said on another site.. stop trying to make fools out of people. This is the second blog i’m telling you this on, people like you are the reason we have been banned in the first place.Faisal: Like I said on another site, maybe we should use the alternatives provided to us, like moneybookers etc. This way maybe Paypal and Ebay will realise they are losing money and open the gates on their own. The best thing to do is to promote and enable online shopping sites that belong to your country, give them business, show the world that Pakistani’s are not living in medieval times, and that we too are rational people who deserve more.

  3. Adnan: Alternatives to PayPal are plenty. But the main issue that I am trying to address here is that for a payment solution that simply is too huge in popularity, why isn’t Pakistan benefiting from it. A lot of the freelancers use Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve amongst others, but you got to hand it to PayPal, almost everyone is familiar with PayPal.So lets see and be hopeful that something will come out of it.

  4. Nothing as yet. This week I am not counting in due to the inauguration, etc. I think if anything will be coming it would be next week. Also, I plan to keep a communication flow open with them, even if they don’t reply, because I DO plan to visit them in April/May when I go to the US.

  5. Seriously seriously need paypal now, this ‘paypal in pakistan’ fellow who’s cowering behind this thread’s title is the reason why companies like paypal refuse to open their doors to us. Fuckin ‘paypalinpakistan’, are you fucking kidding me? it hardly seems that a name like that would be endorsed by the company itself, not to mention what you said about it being ‘legit’, dude I feel you, seriously, don’t even have to click on the link to know the faggoty surprise that lies behind it. “paypalinpakistan’ sounds more like a local hookup site for halfwit liberty greaseballs.FK, If theres a petition going, or you need more letters to be sent out i’d be more than happy to lend you my pen, keep me posted, you have my email.

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