Why I love FedEx

Every now and then – I like to buy ‘things’ from abroad. Sometimes it is books, but most of the time it is hobby or computer parts related.
Of late we have been sourcing equipment for the data center. Having servers, routers, parts, accessories, cables, drives, processors, switches, firewalls, power plugs, etc. picked up from various countries and cities across the world. The ONLY company worth mentioning is Fedex. We initiated a Fedex corporate account a couple of months back. It has been nothing short of a lifesaver for us. For example when we were buying KVM switches, from a small distributor in Texas. We did a wire-transfer for the money, and for equipment pickup – we simply gave our Fedex number to the company. It was as simple as that. No need to make an invoice, no other details. Simply provide the Fedex number. The Fedex man arrives, picks up the goods, and labels them, etc. and delivers them to our door step in Karachi. If customs clearance is required – that too is taken care of by our local clearing agent.

The whole process is so simple. Yes, it is expensive, but Fedex today has by far the best coverage. I use to think DHL and TNT were the prevailing tigers of Asia, but that is not so true anymore. DHL, when we wanted to open a corporate account with them in Pakistan, just kept on giving us the run-around, today the sales guy is coming. Tomorrow the sales guy is coming. I mean I literally had to call up their office so many times, citing I want to become a corporate customer. I guess we were not important enough. With Fedex, – everything was SO professional. Next day their sales rep came to us. Explained to us the entire process and we were up and running within a couple of days. I haven’t looked back since. We’ve even had shipments weighing up to 250Kgs be picked up and delivered. Such is the cool efficiency of Fedex.

I wish other courier companies can also get their act together like this. A good example is to use a friend to call their own companies and initiate a sales query and see how your own team responds. I will admit one thing for sure, I NEVER was a fan of Fedex. I thought DHL was the coolest company in the world to work with, however, all that changed with one experience.

This page was last updated on January 20, 2009.

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  1. hi,hey is fedex 100% trustworthy i wanted to send some things to karachi too :-)its just that last time i sent somthing it did reach but some items were missing!!!PLEASE let me know…….. i believe you’ve had more experience in this fieldthank you very much

  2. Roti DHL dee khao tay business FEDEX noon refer karo?Aeh kehri sharafat hae?

    Aeh munda DHL wich pichlay 15 salan toon kam kar raya hae tay galaan aey FEDEX diyan karda hae?

    Hope Sarfaraz is doing well in there?

    Plz stay loyal to your PARENT organization which is feeding you all the way & your family!

    Good Luck..

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