PayPal in Pakistan (Part II)

Earlier this year, I sent a letter to the CEO of Ebay (Ebay is the parent company of PayPal), and to the CEO of PayPal itself.

The contents of the letter can be viewed here. The delivery snapshots as provided by Fedex can be seen below.

Proof of Delivery receipt for Letter to CEO of Ebay: John Donahoe

Proof of Delivery receipt for Letter to CEO of PayPal: Scott Thompson

I have not received any reply so far (which was quite disappointing).

So, yet again, I am writing another letter to them. Contents of which can be seen below.


February 12, 2009

John Donahoe
President and CEO
eBay Inc.
2145 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125

Subject: PayPal for Pakistan

Dear Mr. Donahoe,

I am writing to you to inquire as to why Ebay and Paypal services are not available in Pakistan. It is very disheartening to note that whilst countries like Angola, Yemen, Uganda, Madagascar, Jordan, Kuwait and Rwanda (to name a few) can enjoy the benefits of PayPal, Why is Pakistan left out?

Pakistan is home to 17+ Million users of the Internet. Mobile users are hovering around the 80+ Million mark. The population is 160 Million. Our banking system is robust and seasoned, whilst our digital infrastructure is top-notch, having many firsts (for example: we have the world largest Wimax deployment).

For years I have personally been writing to Ebay/PayPal, but have never received a reply, which in this day and age, is quite disappointing.

The main objective of this letter to know (not superficially, but in detail) what is preventing the inclusion of Pakistan in the countries where PayPal / Ebay services can be offered.

A lot many professional organizations in Pakistan are willing to lend support to the cause, should Ebay/PayPal require so.

If there are any policy or government issues preventing your organization from doing business here, kindly do highlight the same so that at the very least we can start addressing the issue.

I just want to be able to have an eBay and a PayPal account from Pakistan. In the event you want to reach me, the easiest way is via email, my personal email address is and official email address is


Net Access Communication Systems (Private) Limited

CC: Mr. Scott Thompson, President, PayPal.

This page was last updated on February 13, 2009.

51 thoughts on “PayPal in Pakistan (Part II)”

  1. I appreciate your effort to do something about this unjustified treatment of Pakistan by PayPal. I too once contacted PayPal through email but only got a generic reply.Unfortunately, you cannot convince PayPal to make any business decision.

    It would be better if people like you form a group and association and pressurize our own government to do something in this regard.Our government can provide them guarantees or necessary incentives to let them do business in Pakistan. That will give a boost to IT industry in Pakistan.

  2. The point is that we should raise a voice from every palyform if any such injustice is seen. We should not turn dumb, we can speak freely.If such companies are turning a deaf ear it means they are dicriminating against a muslim country as explained by Faisal Bhai such sort of discrimination be stopped forthwith and paypal be provided in Pakistan.

    Trust me Paypal guys you are loosing a huge market and under estimating Pakistan.

  3. Assalam-o-alaikum1s of all i would like to appritiate the efforts of Faisal bhai,,,Bhai u are doing well but what can we do?why this injustice behaviour with Pakistan?Please brothers do some thing,lead this compaign we are with you.i Really need an online payment service,i am loosing my 2 to 3 hundred dollars per month due to the absence of paypal plz guide me how to use the alternative of paypal.thanxregards Engineer shams.

  4. ASALAM-O-ALAIKUMYeah you people are right these paypal are not doing a justice Pakistan is a Good country what these people think i don’t know but i am with Faisal Khan and i support him that its really embarrassing we Pakistani`s have got such a talent but we cant avail it and Bangladesh India are they from heave that they are able to do this i really want people to do something or else these foreigner are trying there every bit to kick Pakistan out.

  5. I appreciate your effort.But sorry to tell you that Paypal will never be available here.I did some research about all this some time back.Paypal is registered in Israel.It is an israeli company.Pakistani government has strict policies about this, we don’t want to have any trade relations with israel.Therefore Paypal will never be allowed here.But there are alternatives.e.g. moneybookers

  6. yeah well i guess alertypay should be considered a good alternative to stupid paypal.. I really don’t know why only Paypal doesn’t support Pakistan. Every other online payment companies seems to support Pakistan. So it can’t be because they say there is some Spam from Pakistan.I guess we all Pakistanis should use alertpay more and more to break the pride of Paypal of not accepting Pakistan as their accepted country.

    To make an account at Alertpay go to following

    To withdraw money from alertpay you have two options check/bank wire.

    For check they charge 4 dollars and for bankwire they charge 15$.

    So goto and start your freelancing career.


  7. @ Kashif:Alertpay is not yet supported by most of the sites for online payments while paypal offers secured payment processing and is trusted by alot of sites all over the world which makes payment really easy…

  8. god dam it why paypal is not available im lossing my customers n thousands of dollars i really need a paypal acount in pakistan i run a ethnic jewelry in peshawar. come guys we should raise a voice againt paypal management,,,,best wishesafghani

  9. Hi! My name is Fritz EYOK,We can set up a PayPal account from Pakistan for you. An official account With your own personal data. 100% legal, 100% safe, 100% secure and 100% rentable.You will make business with ease, you will win the trust of your customers so that the money will naturally us to to get more informations about our service. Or check the group “My PayPal account in Pakistan” in facebook.

    Sincerely yours

  10. Dear Faisal,Thanks for your effort my brother. It is great to see some action from a friend like you who also has contacts in Corporate world.

    Well I know Paypal guys have created a big problem for Pakistani aspiring internet entrepreneurs. I wasted my 2years thinking about this problem..wasted my money to get through Singapore bank and a 3rd party service when I visitedSingapore, they just limit your account when you have some grands in there!

    I also wasted my time and a great friend, Kevin Riley’s time to get through his address, new bank account inOsaka and ID…they limited the account the day we have$500 there…they took about 3 months to release thosefunds.

    Then I said enough is ENOUGH… and I said no wayI am not going to try to get Paypal again ever untilthey offer service in Pakistan…then i look atalternatives and 2Co has been great alternative sincethen.

    I had even forgotten that Paypal problem years ago…but just today… when I got another message from a friendfacing the same pain… I just wrote this message forhim…hope users of this thread will also like this:it is called: PAYPAL SUCKS :) … We have got anotherbetter means to accept payments…

    Best Regards,Mohsin Rasool

  11. Forget Paypal dude.. try thisThe best alternate to Paypal and easiest way is through MoneyBookers. You can send or receive money online very easily. No complex procedures required. Just add your bank details and thats it. All other processing will be handled by MoneyBookers.Registeration is very very easy.Below is the link (do me a favor because I am referring it), so click below

  12. Well Mr. Faisal,Good Effort but before approching foreigners it is better to ask our own banks national or international that why don’t they let customers to open an online merchant accounts, so they can receive payments through credit card or even pay pal. I think you should use your effort in our own county first. Well just a thought, but good effort any way.

  13. Well I have been using moneybookers for about 6 months now.. They support Pakistan and are you very cheap.You can withdraw money to your local Pakistani Bank by only paying $2.71 fee, which is very less when compared.

    So until paypal landes in Pakistan. Moneybookers is your best alternative.To joing Moneybookers go to

    To verify you postal address and bank account, it’s so easy.When you want to verify your postal address. They send you a card by post which have some secret code. When you receive it, you then have to enter that code in your account.

    To starters, having your postal address verified is enough. After sometime when your transactions gets more than $1000 in 90 days. THen you have to verify your bank account aswell because of many money laundering laws.

    To verify your bank account, I’ll show you a very easy way. Ask your Moneybookers support that you want to verify your bank account manually. They’ll ask you to send them your latest bank statement of the money that you withdrew from your Moneybookers account.Just go to your local bank and ask them about it.

    Thats it, scan that copy and send it over to moneybookers..

    So join to moneybookers now

  14. I think all of you guys are missing the point.I am a uk based member of ebay & paypal & live in pakistan & have been selling & buying stuff since 2007.

    The reason they are not introducing is the political situation and mainly in-consistent govt policies in pk. For example if the govt slaps a tax on them or constricts them in some way directly or indirectly like they (govt of pk)do to the industries in Pk. They will loose money & rate of return will diminish.

    Trust me guys everybody likes to make money & surely ebay n paypal are no exception. They would do it if conditions are favorable. Imagine would you invest your money in an unsafe place or bank.

    I am not being biased I am proud pakistani respected by my customers overseas. I think the author of this blog is doing a good job of keeping the communication open but alleging that ebay n paypal are biased or discriminating against muslim countries is in-correct.

    Please all note that ebay n paypal is offered in Turkey n Malaysia & very very soon to come to Pakistan.

    The buying option of ebay is offered is currently offered to Pakistan through as test bed case.

    finally, we should as pakistani’s not play the blame game & evaluate ourselves & our govt policies. If do not like the policies then we should go out & vote for the correct party or individual.

    Special comment to Jahanzaib I agree Pakistan govt can make it possible. But the million dollar question would be.

    Would the Pakistani govt want to give that much power to the people of pakistan.

    Make no mistake ebay n paypal are very powerful tools of financial freedom n independence. It has changed millions of lives & I am a pakistani & living proof of it.

    ebay’s membership is more than 200 million that is more than the population of pakistan. A major part of economic boom in china & india is internet trading of which ebay is a major part.

    Internet trading accounts for revenues in excess of $80 billion last year inspite of global economic slowdown. It is set to reach $200 billion by 2020.

    $80 billion that is more than twice the total debt of pakistan. If we (Pakistan & Pakistani’s) conduct internet trading honestly & sincerely starting we can practically pay off our debt by 2040 or definitely by 2050.

    Any constructive & positive questions are well come.

    P.S. Pakistani products are appreciated by many customers from USA to Australia it depends what image you project & good are you as an honest salesman. Not like our politicians & our govt.

    Thanks & Kind Regards to all.

    Pakistani ebay trader

  15. As i read may of you people but i think you people have lack of talent no , As i know Pakistani people are talented people and creative too why not make social networks that whole of the world needs you THANKS and think about it. BYE

  16. Paypal is a need of Pakistan specially after Payoneer. I am freelancer over 1.5 year and i use 5 fake n friendz ac but always i got a big money loss.If i can have a PayPal ac i can run my own SEO firm since i am good in that. Out of 200 clients only 1 client pay in alertpay or moneybookers becoz pp is most widely use n no one make ac for me.

    But PayPal always says its our banking system which is not letting them to come here.


    our bank says, Govt. n their policies. who do not care us that PayPal is our need.

    I am sure without PayPal our IT industry can not grow.

    i hear rumors of pp in pakistan, can u plz tell us how long will it take to have PayPal in Pakistan. Or we will never have pp since payoneer is leaving us.

  17. hello kashif raza you are right moneybooker is same like paypal but paypal is famous and moneybooker is not. All sites like mylot etc are accepting only paypal payment method not moneybookers so we want paypal account. For creating paypal account we cant go to other country so paypal must be available at pakistan.I want to know why paypal not accept pakistani users is there any reason?..

    Mere pakistani bhaio himmat mat haaro:d I also have moneybooker account anyone know any real site to make money and which accept moneybooker payment method?if no then why we are using moneybooker wasting our important time…Anyways i am from karachi and internet marketer for last 3 years

  18. Ahsan Ahmed Khan

    This is a very nice effort, but thats very disappointing that we are lacking such an important thing and facility in iternational market and because of this many prople can’t import Dollars which is very boosting to economy.

  19. Faisal bhai you are wasting time by writing letters to pay-pal. Paypal is owned by Jewess people and they don not want pay-pal to do its services in Muslims countries specially in Pakistan. We have to guide common people that we should move to alternate ways of earnings and payment processors. I have made a little site in urdu which will guide common people how to earn money on internet and how can we withdraw money without paypal. My website is w w w . i n t e r n e t k h a z a n a . t k

  20. It is pretty easy to make a payment by way of MyEasyPayment. Bank of America card accounts is accessible 24 hours every day by means of internet account access. The website is clean and easy to make use of. MyEasyPayment are dedicated to protecting your individual facts on the net to maintain it safe and confidential.

  21. Forget about paypal… I have tried it through US bank account. One of my relatives is in US and he setup paypal account for me, but the day I logged in my paypal account from Pakistani ip address, they started teasing me and at last they permanently blocked my account with $970 in it.

  22. Well, i live in Pakistan and i somehow got a verified Paypal account. There is some lady who provides verified paypal account to non-listed countries like South Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. My friends too requested an account, we have been sending and receving money worldwide without any problems. You can mail her and see if she still provides this service, her id is suzye69@gmail.comBest of luck!

  23. Hello,Yaar friends aisa koi bandah ha jiski ebay online shop hai london mein?ager kisi ke paas hai shop london ma in ebay tou kindly contact me i want to start my business here in pakistan, i’ll post ads and will sell the products from pakistan.

    Thanks & Regards

    Usama Bin HasanCell: +92-331-3256047

  24. It was terrible i tell you i was frustrated when different companies were asking different informations just irrelevant for payment methods, then i found Ecomsolutions Pakistan atlast they helped me alot in easy payment method system i have ever experienced. Thanks Ecom.

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