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I love Vintage Jazz. For some reason PTA had asked ISPs to block – perhaps one of the most famous Internet Radio Stations aggregation websites on the Internet. I then found out this was because the Balachistan Liberation Army (BLA) had a couple of radio broadcasts on it (not anymore) and the government wanted to suppress it. A pity really as a lot of the Internet users in Pakistan were missing out on a great source of music.

No matter what your taste or mood, I am sure Live365 has a radio station just for you. The sound quality is amazing and if you spend a little bit of money (why not spend money on yourself), you can get the commercial-free subscription for it. Very much recommended.

PTCL is still blocking the site. However, ISPs that route traffic through TWA can still access the website. One of the most favorite radio station stream that I listen to is Bop-City Vintage Jazz.

The Web Widget is below – and you can click and listen to it.

This page was last updated on May 19, 2015.

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