PayPal in Pakistan – I need your help! (Please take a minute to read this post).

Dear Readers,

I need your help.

For years I have been writing to Ebay and PayPal to inquire as to why their services are not available in Pakistan. I have never received a reply from them. This year, I decided to pursue this more assertively. In January of this year I wrote a letter to the CEOs of Ebay and PayPal respectively (the contents of the letter can be read here). I waited for a month – no reply from them.

Just yesterday I wrote another letter to them. Let us see if second time is the charm.

However, what I need from you – is to spread the word – on your blog. The more you help in spreading this issue around – the more activists and lobbyist effort we can garner.

All I am asking you is for you to highlight the same in your own words (about the two letters I wrote) to your readers. Feel free to highlight the non-availability of both Ebay and Paypal in Pakistan as you feel fit. But highlight you must!

Feel free to cross-link to the two letters: (it is not mandatory that you do so, lest I be accused of increasing the back-links for my blog – back-linking won’t help me in any manner, since I do not run any advertisements on my website, hence traffic and popularity is not something I am seeking).

An Open Letter to John Donahoe, CEO of Ebay (Parent company of PayPal)

PayPal in Pakistan (Part II)

It is very easy to rant in this digital age… A lot of people have personally written emails to me, saying it won’t work. Citing many theories as to why PayPal / Ebay does not want to do business here in Pakistan. The Nay-sayers are plenty. But those are are willing to help and contribute towards this effort/initiative – outnumber the Nay-sayers by orders of magnitude.

I think we need to approach this with patience and without giving up hope. Dr. Ian Wilmut who first successfully cloned “Dolly” the sheep, got it right after 276 attempts. Imagine that – 276 attempts!!!

Being persistent pays off.

I am no Dr. Wilmut, and we certainly have no sheep to be cloned. But if it takes 276 attempts to get PayPal in Pakistan – why not!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.
An ancient Chinese proverb

I thank you in advance.



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28 thoughts on “PayPal in Pakistan – I need your help! (Please take a minute to read this post).”

  1. sincerely i deeply appreciate your efforts.i have also send them emails a lot of times but i found only one reply.”when pappal will be available to pakistan we will inform you.”

    NOW i liked your idea for sending post.though i am not CEO of any company so i cant send letter by Fedex.

    BUT ALL PEOPLE SHOULD TRY THAT THEY CAN FAX or Send Letter by Pakistan Post.

  2. @Jawad: Thanks you.Such replies (as the one you got) are standard replies from CSR (Customer Support Reps). They have no clue as to what is happening. The goal is not a bottom-up approach, but a top-down approach to the problem. Who better to ask then the CEO? :)

    Lets see what happens.


  3. Faisal,PayPal services in Pakistan will benefit the online businesses and IT industry significantly. Although this is may not be P@SHA direct responsibility, but I think P@SHA should setup some sort of committee on fighting discrimination against Pakistan. I know there are lot of places where credit cards from Pakistan are not accepted. We really need to find why? I don’t expect anything from GOV to do anything about it. We have to find solution ourselves and quickly.

    Here is link to Pierre Omidyar’s twitter account (Pierre is Founder of eBay – Board Member PayPal) :

    Maybe we should start TWEETing him about the issue.

    I don’t have his direct email, but I did send him the following information on

    PART OF MY MESSAGE:”Pakistan is a country of 170 million people with GDP ranking in the top 50 in the world, see – It ranks better than India, China & Russia in terms of doing business, See It is therfore shocking to see that PayPal provides services to 190 countries but it doesn not include Pakistanis. Here are some of the questions that have never been answered on any forum by PayPal:

    * What is your benchmark for adding countries to your list? * Does all countries included in your list meets your benchmark, but Pakistan doesn’t? * What is wrong with Pakistan? * What is that Pakistan needs to do so that Pakistanis can also use services from PayPal? * What is (if any) a way for a Pakistani to use PayPal services? * Is there some sort of discrimination against Pakistanis?”

  4. Ah well. I want you to open up a data-center in Sukkur, Dadu and yes Swat. And if you dont I will send you 3 letters every week. I bet you wont even open the letters after a week of me “bugging” the hell out of you. Plus, you cant do anything as is if I deliberately chose not to see your point of view for not opening datacenter at those places (regardless of how bad I believe these cities deserve ’em).And even if you had such plans, you will just get pissed off and drop the whole deal because somebody is just getting on your nerves. There might be a reason if they arent responding, what’s the point in bugging them again and again? Building up pressure?? Is it actually going to work?

  5. @Asim: Only time will tell. Your correlation is flawed, so I wont even bother to comment on it. Its nto about pissing someone off or getting on their nerves. It is about finding out why they refuse to operate in this territory when they operate in countries seemingly far more worse than ours. O r markets far more smaller than ours. Secondly, the need to reply. Regardless.Third, if are not operating here – I think I have a right to know the reason why.

  6. As I have mentioned on your other post, only government of Pakistan can do something in this regard as PayPal has some concerns about our banking rules.Our government has done it a lot of times, they change rules and give incentives to allow useful foreign companies to operate in Pakistan.They can do it for PayPal to, but only if the gov. is told what its benefits would be.I’m sure they don’t know about it.

  7. Karen Zablosky

    You don’t want PayPal in Pakistan because PayPal is a scam. They promise buyer protection but WILL NOT refund your money if you are scammed. You can read about PayPal’s false promises and what someone did about it in the book “I Sued PayPal and Won”. My husband and I are also victims of PayPal. We were scammed by an ebay seller, they took our money, sent no product. We opened a “Resolution case” with PayPal, PayPal emailed us to let us know that we were entitled to a refund, we did everything PayPal instructed in the exact time they required and PayPal refused to refund money. They told us we were going to have to get it from the scammer. What a joke!

  8. I sent my first letter to paypal in 2004 and got an automated reply. Since then, I have posted a number of letters to them, some letters every year, but always got auto responses.I think they do not have any plans to come here. Maybe they hate the word “Pakistan” and will come here only if we change the name of our country. If you see the supported countries list, you will find Pakistan better than some of them, so there is no reason to blame the current political/security situation of the country.

    I’m a freelance developer. Back in 2003-2004, I had limited options to get paid: Western Union / Bank Wire etc. Now there are many other options available: MoneyBokers, Payoneer Master Card, AlertPay and some others. IMHO, we should not beg Paypal to open their offices in Pakistan, but we must support the alternatives. There are some limitations in these services too, e.g. you cannot use a Pakistani Credit Card in MoneyBookers/AlertPay, but money can be withdrawn directly to a local bank account.

    I know that there is no comparison between PayPal and its alternatives, but at least we can build our local e-commerce base on top of these services. We can show the scope of Pakistani e-market to Paypal, but, unfortunately, every one is complaining that PayPal is not available so we can’t do anything / paypal should come to pakistan / paypal is a jew company so they don’t want to come here / Western Union don’t let them in / Our local businesses don’t want them to come / Our banking policy is a problem for them / P@SHA should take some step / Govt. should request them…. / blah blah blah blah blah….

    Please stop blaming Paypal and try to show them some concrete results. There are some local auction/shopping services like etc which supports Moneybookers and some other forms of payments, but how many people shop there??? Moneybookers is now officially supported by so every Pakistani can use ebay now. Why don’t you go for it??? Why everyone feels that some one will come to help us and we will have Paypal some day??? Why don’t we prove by results that Pakistan is not a land of fraudulents and just creating petitions and so???

    If you people want Paypal to come here, then show them we don’ NEED them and they will start their services in Pakistan.

  9. Hi,I am using Paypal to send and receive money in Pakistan.All you need is VISA credit card.

    Here is a guide:1) change you ip address first. You can do this by adding a free proxy into the browser. or simply go to download this piece of software.This will change your ip address.

    2) Sign up using different Country but make sure you know the complete address – Zip code extra.easy solution is select UAE and select Dubai as city.Give fake address

    3) Then add your credit card, Make sure it is not blocked by your bank. First open your credit card for internet.Paypal will automatically charge 5 dollars but they will refund.Then wait till you got your bank statement- You bank statement will contain a 4 digit code that you will enter into your paypal account to get verified.

    **important never call your bank to ask about the code directly – you account can be blocked.

    Once you are verified you can withdraw money against your credit card.

    It usually takes 5 days to clear the money.

    have fun everybody.Email me if you need any

  10. Dear faisalwould you please help me. I do a online business of refering people, in sportsbooks, and get bonus/commission. Now a days due to our political circumstances european people does not want to business with our country, that why i need to change my ip address.

    i just want to know that in pakistan there are a lot of softwares, can i get some software or thing like this, by which i able to change my ip address with any other reasonable country.

    Kindly suggesti will b thankfulusman

  11. Cant we start the service in our country . if the paypal and Ebay are not offering it , it might be possible to start a service that will be able to get the payments made by paypal and deliver it to the respective persons in Pakistan. Infact it is the utmost duty of “PASHA” and “PSEB” to take initiative .

  12. Well check this out.The Domain record for

    Domain Name:

    Registrant: PayPal International Limited eBay Admin Dublin IE

    Create Date: 2006-01-20

    Expire Date: 2010-01-20

    Agent Organization: MarkMonitor 2344

    Technical Contact eBay Inc. Domain Administrator San Jose, CA95125

    Billing Contact MarkMonitor CCOPS Provisioning Boise, ID83709


    what you say about this ? they did buy domain in Pakistan with .pk extension. but not going to start ?

  13. Hey brother…….forget about paypal…its not the end of the world….i dont give a s**t about paypal…..we should be thinking to open our own Paypal pakistan…..f**k copyrights….they cant even touch us

  14. I fully endorsed and support Faisal Khan efforts because this discrimination is costing so many Pakistanis the right to choose. Most of other sites accept credit cards from Pakistan,why not ebay.

  15. Forget Paypal dude.. try this…The best and easiest way is through MoneyBookers. You can send or receive money online very easily. No complex procedures required. Just add your bank details and thats it. All other processing will be handled by MoneyBookers.Registeration is very very easy.Below is the link (do me a favor because I am referring it), so click below

  16. Assalam o alakum,I was also having trouble with getting aypal payments. Now there is a solution that work for me and I can get paid by paypal.

    For security reasons, I can’t show you that how it works.

    If anybody want to cash his/her paypal payments, I offer you my services.

  17. If paypal’s unjustified policy is still reluctant to extend its services to Pakistan, we should help promote “Moneybookers” which is available in Pakistan as well. I am using Moneybookers and found it wonderful services provider.

  18. Has anybody uses send2pk as a PayPal alternative.I have sent many emails to them but, no reply has been received. can anybody tell me how it can be used on freelance website, instead of PayPal email address.

  19. The problem is that we have never syndicated our efforts. Like in all issues, we Pakistanis are just concerned for ourselves. As you have learned sufficient about America economy in commerce, we also have to keep in mind that whatever happens in public interest in America is incepted by local public groups at down level.We will not be able to solve this until we will build forum and group, who will advocate this. I have sent an e-mail to capital talk of Geo with some proves that how much economy is expected to be hurt by this grave issue.

    Further, I will mention this on my blog also. However, please note that we cannot achieve our objective until we get united on one forum and until our parlance will be relayed by forum.

    Please do efforts to have a protest infront of Geo Tv Station in this regards.

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