The Demise of the Newspaper.

More and more people are ditching their paper based newspaper for the online edition. Slowly, but surely, the demise of the newspaper is coming. I’ve always held the belief that convenience based solutions will prosper and the old-school thought that “the newspaper will exist no matter what”, was being ignorant.

Family, friends and colleagues confirm they are reading the physical (paper) based version less and reading it online more. Why? Convenience and cost. Hmmm – didn’t I see that coming.

To get a better perspective, I decided to ask the newspaper deliveryman who drops-in the newspaper to my house, as to how things are? I wasn’t surprised. He cited sales are low. Very low. When a new house props up in the neighborhood, they (meaning various newspaper delivery agents) fight as to who will get to deliver the newspaper to that house. Competition is fierce. He says, people are now less willing to buy a newspaper as it is money wasted. One observation he cited was many-a-times when he goes to collect bills, he can see previous day’s newspaper still lying where he tossed it a day earlier. People are just not reading newspaper like they use to.

The classifieds sections have shrunk (contrary to popular belief). More people opt for online job portals rather than the jobs classified section of your local daily. The lifestyles and entertainment sections are picturesque at best and sometimes outdated/stale information.

The local news section – always seems outdated, in the world of 24/7 connectivity and the plethora of TV channel, I have always found the next day’s newspaper to be a summarized version of yesterday (which it is).

The new generation (80s born) rely solely online for their news. My generation (70s) born, I guess is divided. Today, when I look at a newspaper here are some of the things that I think (in no particular order):

1. Black ink on fingers
2. Wrapping paper
3. Free rubber band
4. Has anyone seen my TIME magazine that came with the newspaper
5. Shit – another wasted paper that I pay for – and I haven’t even opened it
6. I have to cancel the subscription
7. More rubbish
8. Old news
9. Did I mention wrapping paper?
10. Tenders and Procurement Notices
11. Pity they don’t carry the Bizarro cartoon series anymore

It will be safe to say, the newspaper may survive the next decade, but the transition to online primary medium is already underway.

This page was last updated on February 23, 2009.

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  1. Dear SirI have read many of your blogs lately, I must appreciate & highlight that they are making significant changes to readers perception but with reference to this article I would not completely agree with the idea that newspapers are being obsolete, it is more of a concept that people are being accustomed to the traditional trends, since generations newspapers are considered the main source of information & a guide to know the market trends, latest news & current positioning of economies both international & domestic. According to my survey majority of people still find this medium much reliable & effortless. Majority of rural population & even the middle class people still heavily rely on informations & feeds being communicated through newspaper, the reason might be the access constraint to internet but even when it comes to personal preference I find news papers more convenient.

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