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Pakistan is always buzzing with the entrepreneurial spirit. Look at kids, college dropouts, college grads, working people, retired folks, middle-aged folks, etc. everyone is thinking about some ‘business’ they would like to get into.

Just the other day, I was listening to one of my favorite Jazz radio stations online, called “Martini in the“– I know – weird name for a Jazz radio station, but the more you will listen to it – the more you will agree it is a great name.

Anyhow, it just hit me then, how many online – Internet ONLY radio stations do we have in Pakistan?

I know a few Internet radio stations are being operated from Canada and US, and I would like to stress ‘few’.

The answer to the question asked is None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Can you believe it? Not ‘one’ single radio station is being operated in Pakistan that is Internet only… not one. How sad is that.

I know people will say, PEMRA this and PEMRA that, but you can create a VPN to your streaming server in the US and then stream, screw PEMRA!

But seriously, imagine what it takes to operate an internet radio station? Let me list it out for you…

1. Computer with a half-way decent sound card
2. DSL (minimum 512Kbps, 1Mbps would be great! and a 2Mbps circuit, awesome!)
3. UPS
4. A half-way decent microphone
5. Music (which I can get for you)
6. Mixer (software), again, 100s of them around.
7. The will to be an RJ!!!

That is it.

Nothing more.

It is very simple.

Don’t believe folks who tell you it takes a lot of money, blah blah blah. They are only there to discourage you.

The cost of streaming to a listener is about US$1 / user / month. Let’s say you’re aiming for a 30 user audience, the cost is mere US$ 30 per month. Try operating a real radio station at that transmission cost.
Never operated a radio station before? Not to worry, 100s of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) exists to help you out. Being an RJ just requires a bit of practice and a bit of innovation and imagination. You can buy 2 streams out pay US$ 2/month and practice.

Have fun. See how it fans out. Try your hand at automated shows, live stream, play-lists, advertising breaks, etc.

Surely in this great nation of 160+ Million – there is someone passionate about owning and operating their own 24/7 internet only radio station?

If anyone would like to have one setup, I’d be willing to help pro-bono. You may contact me at babushka99/at/gmail/dot/com

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  1. I always wanted to setup one. Infact back in early 00, i tried it out for an ISP (in KHI) i was working then. It was a test run. Worked great with Windows Media Server and also Winamps Shoutcase.The thought of it still baffles me considering we now have big subscriber base having gprs enabled cell phones.


  2. Well like I cited, it is very easy to set one up now. If you or anyone you know would like to pursue this and they need help, do let me know. Will be glad to offer a helping hand.

  3. salams bro i m seeking help in such matter… i have sent u a mail at the above mentioned mailing id… im anxiously waiting for ur response… May Allah bless those who help others… thnx!

  4. Faisal- You seem to have 6 of the ingredients and the nouse. Hire the 7th and do it. Put it this way, it will always be know as Pakistans first online radio station 9assuming one hasn’t been setup since your article. I am sure there will be many people willing to take it off your hands once it is up and running.

    1. To setup a radio station, the 7th ingredient, is content. Someone needs to be equally passionate about it all to take it forward. We are mere enablers – and to the best of my knowledge – an all internet based radio still does not exist.

  5. Pakistan is full of talented people. I am sure there will be many budding presenters and producers keen to have their content aired/streamed. A close friend of mine setup the state owned Radio Mirpur (AJK) and had a great response from the locals many of which were simply voluteers. Let me speak with a few people and I might take you up on your offer of assistance :-)

  6. Faisal,I badly need your advise on a good VOIP provider in Karachi. I am a California resident and will be working from Karachi for eight months. I need to stay connected to my U.S clients and have to use a local 408 area code phone number. This has to be transparent as I don’t want my customers to know that I am in Pakistan. Regretfully, I heard VONAGE might not do the job. I some how ended up on your blog and have a feeling that you can guide me in the right direction.Please advise.Thanks,Ahmed Hasan

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