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I’m always been a gadget fan, so at last I decided to put up my own (commercial) blog for Gadgets – called Gadget Craving. Another blog that I’ve recently put up is dedicated to Anti-Spam, called The Anti-Spam Guide, the battle against spam.
If you or anyone you know would like to become a guest author for the blog, please do contact me at babushka99/at/gmail/dot/com.

4 thoughts on “Two new blogs…”

  1. HelloWhat is the update on your efforts for Paypal usage in Pakistan. I have to beg other people to buy stuff for myself dammmm :(.

    Please let me know if i can be some help.


  2. I’m now planning to buy token shares of Ebay (the company that owns PayPal), then as a shareholder send them a legal note of questions asking for clarification as well as why the previous letters were ignored. I think this is a good time to involve a lawyer.

  3. I actually did write to both Ebay and PayPal on this very issue a while back when I was trying to buy myself a cell phone on the cheap. Anyway, I eventually did receive a reply from some woman in customer service who said that PayPal services in South AFRICA were available. Evidentially she misunderstood me when I wrote about the lack of PayPal services in south ASIA, particularly Pakistan. Then she wrote back saying that currently PayPal services were not available in Pakistan and that the matter was being “looked into”.

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