25 point for a prosperous Pakistan.

I won’t go into debate, most of them are self explanatory.

1. 3-years mandatory induction for males into the armed forces upon reaching the age of 18. Same would true hold for women (but for 2 years only). Front-line for 1 year. Saves us massive amounts of money and melts down the different ‘types’ into one – a patriotic Pakistani and not a superficial Pakistani.
2. Identity card would NOT be made for anyone who has not enrolled into the mandatory service. No one gets exempted or buys his/her way out. No one.
3. Reduce Armed forces HR count by 20% – become more efficient. Why we need to be in the Top 5 or Top 10 – when we are burning money every year. We don’t need a bigger Army/Navy/Air-Force, we need a leaner one!
4. Reduce Armed forces budget by 20% (yeah, times are tough, try a little friendly diplomacy).
5. 5% additional tax on cigarettes – goes towards Education. I’d like to see someone bitch about this.
6. 5% additional tax on gasoline – goes towards Education.
7. Don’t ask how – trim other areas you have to – make the education budget at least 85 Billion Rupees (we can CERTAINLY find a way to do this). $1 Billion per year on education is not a bad idea itself. Lets get foreign investment in this sector alone.
8. Let PIA go bankrupt. While we are at it, the Government should only own the post office if they really need to hold on to anything, everything else, put it under the auctioneer’s hammer.
9. Abolish permanent service in the Government (Federal/provincial, state, council, etc.) People need to learn to live in a society that is dynamic. Permanent jobs leads to de-pasteurizing the very institution and decreases efficiency of which there is a serious lack.
10. All school/college graduates (no exceptions) must have taken a course and successfully graduated in a Computer language. Fortran, Machine language, COBOL and BASIC do NOT count.
11. One-day of the week – Wednesday, introduce public transport day only. Private cars must pay the equivalent of a very high-carbon tax to be on the road that day.
12. Reintroduce Foreign Exchange (Non) Bearer Certificates. Whiten your money, 2% tax, no questions asked.
13. Introduce a scheme backed by Gold – in a joint-venture with a Swiss Bank with sovereign guarantee to allow NRPs (Non-Resident Pakistanis) to invest their Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Dirhams and Riyals here in Pakistan for up to 1 year will full repatriation f funds allowed.
14. Remove all forms of Police protection to MNAs, MPAs, Ministers, Judges, Federal Ministers. Only President / Prime Minister can have it. All throughout Pakistan, no person can have any sort of an escort of Police or any other agency. No one. Especially the Police themselves.
15. Reduce the working week for Government down to 5 days.
16. Establish an oversight committee in the National Assembly to question what the Intelligence agencies are doing, include responsible non-parliamentarians in it.
17. Establish an oversight committee – more or less like a People’s Court to find out what your MNA/MPA is doing. Their pay shall be directly proportional to both their attendance in the assembly, availability in their office in their home constituency and their active participation towards the better of Pakistan. They each should have a blog with a ticket order system to lodge complaints and to see the follow up done on those complaints.
18. Introduce land reforms. No person can own more than 200 acres. This includes institutions (Hello Army, Railways and State Life)!
19. Double the Yield-Per-Acreage on your land, and take 0% tax on the increase. However, your existing farming area that you are cultivating cannot be reduced in size.
20. Establish a tax free industry with a maximum of 10% raw material allowed to be imported to innovate solutions in Solar Energy, Water Desalination and Water purification and filtration using the indigenous resources available in Pakistan.
21. Do your Ph.D, publish a paper in an international journal, get Rs. 10 Million worth of tax-free benefits should you decide to stay and work in Pakistan. You are allowed to sell this ‘tax’ deduction to any business after one year.
22. Buy 1 computer and donate to the schools (via a very civilian monitored / NGO monitored program) get tax benefit of Rs. 100,000. Do 2, tax benefit of Rs. 150,000, and for each additional computer you donate, get a tax benefit receipt from FBR worth Rs. 50,000. Computer has to be on the prescribed list (old PIIIs will not do).
23. Hold a Masters/Ph.D from abroad? Teach – and get a tax benefit and a grant. This is directly tied into the funds you will receive from the investors who would like to invest into the education sector in Pakistan.
24. Upgrade the railways and introduce monorail. Not just in one city, but throughout Pakistan. Use steel in construction of over-passes for monorails, fast urban transportation is very much needed.
25. Build more dams. Lots of them. Dams require geologists, physicists, engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, fluid mechanics, etc.) architects, MBAs, construction workers, blue-collar / white-collar, 10,000s of jobs can be created over the next 2 decades.



7 thoughts on “25 point for a prosperous Pakistan.”

  • Well written, easy simple and 90% practical. The strange thing is that you me majority of the average middle class people irrespective of being educated or uneducated understand these simple rules but when will the Top Heavy Weights of PK understand these things.Hope they understand soon otherwise it looks like lost.

  • I think these points are very thoughtful. But yet again the irony is our top lot doesn’t want such system. Their prosperity for the sake of Pakistan’s prosperity. It is unthinkable for them.”We look up to those who never look down to us”

    It would seem harsh but Pakistan desperately needs a blood revolution.

    By the way a very nice blog. Its now bookmarked with me :)

  • The politicians – the new ones even if they are ‘straight’ they get assimilated into the whole system, the system of party-orders, the system of being high-then-thou, the system of being a near untouchable, the system of getting used to power.All rational thinking fades away. The bureaucrats give the parliamentarians are hard-time and the parliamentarians, give everyone a hard time, the technocrats get frustrated and leave. The people on the monthly pay-cheques in the government – just use the system to their advantage, it seems the government has a ‘go-slow’ policy on everything.

    Where else in the world would the parliament, president and prime-minister happily endorse the ‘removing’ of holding a bachelor’s degree for anyone vying for public office???

    We take one step forward on ‘consensus’ and slip back 10 years with such.

  • Very very nice sharing towards prosperous Pakistan.Hope every individual Pakistani will understand it and do its efforts to make Pakistan prosperous…

    Law is made for the betterment and easiness of public not to rule over them. If a Law is not accepted by the public then the same law become bad law and bad law should be condemned not enforced at all.

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