PayPal Saga: A Shocking Statistic

Here is some very interesting (read: shocking) statistic for you: (accurate as of 15th January, 2010).

  • Number of Countries in the World: 192 (as per United Nations) [i]
  • Number of Countries in the World: 195 (if we include Kosovo, Vatican City, etc.)
  • US State Department Recognized Countries: 194
  • Number of Countries in which PayPal Operates: 189[ii]
  • Number of Countries that do NOT have Paypal: 5 (as per US State Department’s count)
  • GDP Ranking (as compiled by IMF) for Pakistan for the year 2008 out of 179 Countries is # 48[iii]
  • GDP Ranking (as compiled by World Bank) for Pakistan for the year 2008 out of 182 countries is # 46[iv]
  • Internet Users in Pakistan: 18.5 Million (as per December 2009)[v]
  • Internet users (as a percentage of the population): 10.6%

As of now, PayPal operates in 189 countries, that is like only six countries where Paypal does NOT operate:

  • Cuba
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • North Korea, and
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria

So lets see, Cuba has an embargo on trade with the US – has been for past 40+ years, so that is okay.

Iran, North Korea and Syria are “Axis of Evil” countries. So that’s understandable.

Afghanistan – is where the US is fighting it main battle $200+ Billion lost – okay so that is also understandable,

Pakistan – Ah! Pakistan. US’s Non-Nato Ally. Why the heck is Pakistan left out? I mean for crying out loud, even Somalia and Yemen have access to Paypal? Bloody Yemen! Bloody Somalia! Bloody Rwanda!

You know what? That makes me – Bloody Angry!

Why the discrimination – I have no idea. Reminds me of the song by the Pet Shop Boys, “What Have I Ddone to Deserve This?

Here are the list of countries where PayPal is operating:

  1. AL Albania
  2. DZ Algeria
  3. AD Andorra
  4. AO Angola
  5. AI Anguilla
  6. AG Antigua and Barbuda
  7. AR Argentina
  8. AM Armenia
  9. AW Aruba
  10. AU Australia
  11. AT Austria
  12. AZ Azerbaijan Republic
  13. BS Bahamas
  14. BH Bahrain
  15. BB Barbados
  16. BE Belgium
  17. BZ Belize
  18. BJ Benin
  19. BM Bermuda
  20. BT Bhutan
  21. BO Bolivia
  22. BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
  23. BW Botswana
  24. BR Brazil
  25. VG British Virgin Islands
  26. BN Brunei
  27. BG Bulgaria
  28. BF Burkina Faso
  29. BI Burundi
  30. KH Cambodia
  31. CA Canada
  32. CV Cape Verde
  33. KY Cayman Islands
  34. TD Chad
  35. CL Chile
  36. C2 China Worldwide
  37. CO Colombia
  38. KM Comoros
  39. CK Cook Islands
  40. CR Costa Rica
  41. HR Croatia
  42. CY Cyprus
  43. CZ Czech Republic
  44. CD Democratic Republic of the Congo
  45. DK Denmark
  46. DJ Djibouti
  47. DM Dominica
  48. DO Dominican Republic
  49. EC Ecuador
  50. SV El Salvador
  51. ER Eritrea
  52. EE Estonia
  53. ET Ethiopia
  54. FK Falkland Islands
  55. FO Faroe Islands
  56. FM Federated States of Micronesia
  57. FJ Fiji
  58. FI Finland
  59. FR France
  60. GF French Guiana
  61. PF French Polynesia
  62. GA Gabon Republic
  63. GM Gambia
  64. DE Germany
  65. GI Gibraltar
  66. GR Greece
  67. GL Greenland
  68. GD Grenada
  69. GP Guadeloupe
  70. GT Guatemala
  71. GN Guinea
  72. GW Guinea Bissau
  73. GY Guyana
  74. HN Honduras
  75. HK Hong Kong
  76. HU Hungary
  77. IS Iceland
  78. IN India
  79. ID Indonesia
  80. IE Ireland
  81. IL Israel
  82. IT Italy
  83. JM Jamaica
  84. JP Japan
  85. JO Jordan
  86. KZ Kazakhstan
  87. KE Kenya
  88. KI Kiribati
  89. KW Kuwait
  90. KG Kyrgyzstan
  91. LA Laos
  92. LV Latvia
  93. LS Lesotho
  94. LI Liechtenstein
  95. LT Lithuania
  96. LU Luxembourg
  97. MG Madagascar
  98. MW Malawi
  99. MY Malaysia
  100. MV Maldives
  101. ML Mali
  102. MT Malta
  103. MH Marshall Islands
  104. MQ Martinique
  105. MR Mauritania
  106. MU Mauritius
  107. YT Mayotte
  108. MX Mexico
  109. MN Mongolia
  110. MS Montserrat
  111. MA Morocco
  112. MZ Mozambique
  113. NA Namibia
  114. NR Nauru
  115. NP Nepal
  116. NL Netherlands
  117. AN Netherlands Antilles
  118. NC New Caledonia
  119. NZ New Zealand
  120. NI Nicaragua
  121. NE Niger
  122. NU Niue
  123. NF Norfolk Island
  124. NO Norway
  125. OM Oman
  126. PW Palau
  127. PA Panama
  128. PG Papua New Guinea
  129. PE Peru
  130. PH Philippines
  131. PN Pitcairn Islands
  132. PL Poland
  133. PT Portugal
  134. QA Qatar
  135. CG Republic of the Congo
  136. RE Reunion
  137. RO Romania
  138. RU Russia
  139. RW Rwanda
  140. VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  141. WS Samoa
  142. SM San Marino
  143. ST São Tomé and Príncipe
  144. SA Saudi Arabia
  145. SN Senegal
  146. SC Seychelles
  147. SL Sierra Leone
  148. SG Singapore
  149. SK Slovakia
  150. SI Slovenia
  151. SB Solomon Islands
  152. SO Somalia
  153. ZA South Africa
  154. KR South Korea
  155. ES Spain
  156. LK Sri Lanka
  157. SH St. Helena
  158. KN St. Kitts and Nevis
  159. LC St. Lucia
  160. PM St. Pierre and Miquelon
  161. SR Suriname
  162. SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
  163. SZ Swaziland
  164. SE Sweden
  165. CH Switzerland
  166. TW Taiwan
  167. TJ Tajikistan
  168. TZ Tanzania
  169. TH Thailand
  170. TG Togo
  171. TO Tonga
  172. TT Trinidad and Tobago
  173. TN Tunisia
  174. TR Turkey
  175. TM Turkmenistan
  176. TC Turks and Caicos Islands
  177. TV Tuvalu
  178. UG Uganda
  179. UA Ukraine
  180. AE United Arab Emirates
  181. GB United Kingdom
  182. US United States
  183. UY Uruguay
  184. VU Vanuatu
  185. VA Vatican City State
  186. VE Venezuela
  187. VN Vietnam
  188. WF Wallis and Futuna Islands
  189. ZM Zambia

[i] Source:

[ii] Source: Paypal ( and navigate to Sign-up Page (countries list extracted from there).

[iii] Source:

[iv] Source:

[v] Source:

This page was last updated on January 15, 2010.

59 thoughts on “PayPal Saga: A Shocking Statistic”

    1. (a) Because it a universally accepted payment medium. (b) I have no qualms on us making our own payment system – but that is not the approach (IMHO). You don’t see us making our own chips or our own internet, or our own fuel if others were not to provide it. We have a ‘right’ to ask why it is not being provided in Pakistan. There must be a reason for this (c) We need to apply pressure on PayPal to find out why they are not including Pakistan in the list of countries where PayPal is provisioned.Even if you did make your own money transfer system, would it be globally accepted and universal as PayPal? I highly doubt it.

  1. I’ve been trying to do something about it for many years. This is not understandable – We have foreign banks operating like RBS, Standard Chartered, Barclay’s etc. We have VISA/Master Cards – Something should be done about it.We have un-countable useless dept. for every sector like education, medical etc. even separate boards for only attesting and stamping already original documentation. Pakistan govt. should do something about it. Can’t we contact Shaukat Tareen or someone in banking sector or some online banking law professional to do something about it.I think that should be the right way.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. But I think it is imperative to know the “why”. Why is Paypal not considering Pakistan. This is not a government-to-government issue. Paypal and Ebay (the entity that owns Paypal) are US companies. We need to ascertain from them first hand as to what the issue is. Without having any ‘a priori’ knowledge of that basic fact, I think it would be a futile effort to raise hue and cry against any government office/official in PK.

  3. You’re very right, Our officials will take DECADES to recognize the issue. I appreciate your efforts regarding this. I hope this problem solves ASAP.I use MoneyBookers but they doesn’t operate in USA and are not so usable as PayPal.

  4. Shit Shit and alot more shit. My almost clients ask first do u have paypal account to received payment and my answer always no. Due to this i lost 40% new customers. We should do something to make this available in Pakistan. Faisal works about statistics is good but we need to find possibilities to make paypal available in pakistan.

  5. @Chit Chat:(a) I have never said or mentioned in any of my posts regarding countries which can receive money, send money or do both. The issue being discussed right now is purely availability of Paypal.

    (b). The facts are NOT incorrect. Go to and click on Sign-up, the 189 countries where Paypal works – are in the drop down list.

    (c). When we can’t even receive money via PayPal, because there is none, then we have an issue (I believe).

    Next time you unilaterally decide to shoot down a post just for the sake of it – do us all a favor and re-read through what has been written and if not to cumbersome for you, through in a little appreciation for what others are doing.

  6. Good work Faisal but I think you need to rally some support. Had a quick look at the Facebook groups on this topic and membership runs to a couple of hundred people at best. Your stats are shocking and it is about time Paypal either started operatiing in Pakistan or went on record to explain why they continue to exclude PK. I was looking to see if the capital of 419 scams i.e. Nigeria had Paypal but it seems to be missing from both lists.

  7. @AnjamTry

    The member count is 5200+ right now. IMHO, what we need is someone (preferably a Pakistani – I am sure more than one work there) working at Ebay/Paypal to get us the unofficial word.

  8. Who the hell gives a shit about paypal.whether they do business in pakistan or not?there are 10 different payment gateways that work just as fine.

    If they dont’ want our business. So be it.

  9. Hi, I work on the internet myself, and you can only imagine how tormenting it can be not being able to open a PayPal account. You’re doing some excellent work in at least making the point across. We’ll do our best to publish this page to as many people as we can but I don’t really think PayPal will take any step towards the right direction.

  10. Shocking indeed. And mind you India can send recieve AND withdraw money!! our Honor and diginity demnands that we immediatly demand that paypal either include us or delete India or we will explode a nuclear bum in slummabad!!! (thats how we porkis negotiate!! Shoot ourselves if anyone refuses us anything)And we will of course declare jihad on amirkhans because they are one of our sponsors who bugger us off and on.But then whats the use of having paypal? to send money to the terrporists around the world!! We have hawala for that hein?so no worries!! We are NOT blocked!!Saudis chini and amirkhans give money for the buggering in cask after we submit!! So that does not require paypal!!So really we do not need the kufr thing. – sour grapes hein?

  11. You guys need to start a movement to get Pakistan on the right track; Paypal will follow automatically. Get out of the anti-American, anti-Indian, “the-world-is-out-to-screw-us” siege mentality; clear the garbage from your textbooks and your minds; realize that you are up shit creek and work towards getting out of it. Everything else, including regular power supply and paypal will follow. Stay on the same belligerent course recommended by your rapacious and stupid army and you will go further up the creek and not just paypal, everyone else will also pull out. Good luck.

  12. One update is that “Nigeria” is not on the list. Nigeria was in fact a country served by Paypal, but taken off its list of countries served due to the Nigerian 419 (Advance Fee Fraud) issues. They were removed from the list in 2001. SO back then, even they had it!!!

  13. Abdul Bheja Khali

    Who cares about PayPal, we get our money from third party transfer. Ask them to make a transfer to a American Pakistani in Amreeka.he will transfer it back to Pakistan. If the Amreeki Paki takes 20% cut, don’t worry we have come a long way from the days of Mr. 10%.

  14. Well,we are a Pakistani Company running Online stores for 4 different vendors.All on 2Checkout.Works without any problems with Pakistani Bank accounts.I’m sure there are other gateways like e.g. Cybersource that works just as well.

  15. I had emailed PayPal support about this a year back or so and they had replied that Pakistan’s banking and money system is not up to international standards and the government of Pakistan has to place legislation in this regard for PayPal to consider bringing Pakistan into its fold.I think the government has to take this issue up with PayPal and apprise them of the things they require.

    Pakistan should be accepted by PayPal now.

  16. We are even not being privileged to know the “REASON”. If somebody in IT field have good and personal relationship in the government of Pakistan or Ministry of IT , They can make the ministers to take personal interest and Interact (Officially) with PayPal in order to know at-least the “REASON” so that we can find out solution for it.I also haven’t heard this issue on Pakistani Electronic Media. I tried to make my friend (From Dunya News) to raise the issue, But Unfortunately they were not able to understand the issue that How important it is.

  17. Reason: follow the chain of command at paypal and you will find more than one disgruntled indians somewhere in the middle, who want to keep to EXCLUDE Pakistan (it is not a question of INCLUDE). yes conspiracy theories can sometimes be factualbut it is not too difficult to fix, if the right set of people care to act on it

  18. Doesnt matter why things r these ways? What matters is how to change them?As Faisal writes Pak has “18.5 Million” internet users. Why not advertise the issue, unite people and send petitions directly to paypal… (Sorry i dont believe “a lot” in govt officials)…

    We often discuss amongst ourselves, write blogs, comment when we come across irritating issues… why not stand up and do our bit as software profs?

    As Mohiuddin says, media guys cudnt realise the issue… Why not sit n make these guys see some sense?

  19. well as for wht i knw it is not pay pal that is creating the problems but our goverment since paypal is saying that the banks and state bank dos not have the platform and infrastructue for secure payments..they say they r very mch ready

  20. Cross posted in is already going to be doing some form of a pilot roll-out with Easy Paisa they have been in discussion already.

    With respect to Pakistan, the issue hinged more on internal disagreements within Paypal as what sort of roll-out to have for Pakistan. One of the fears of Paypal being introduced with direct deposits was anti-money laundering.

    However, like it was cited on TGP, they are doing their ground work, they have setup an internal think tank to look at this market and more importantly, are looking at advanced features where by direct linkages to bank accounts and branchless bank account can also be covered. Yes, this would mean that they (Paypal would be deploying their own Payment gateway). You should write to Faisal Khan ( and check with him. He is being very mum about it especially since he got contacted by Paypal (from his website you will see, hes been writing to them for over 9 years to ask them to come here).

    In addition a lot of efforts on the web like Fouad Bajwa and others have made it it clear to Paypal, that Pakistans time has come.

    The discussion again and again on various boards, that the issue is our government, etc. is not true. There is a lobby within Paypal that did not favor Pakistan (might I also suggest the same lobby has made sure Bangladesh also does not have Paypal make your guess!)

    It has nothing to do with infrastructure (well barring the payment switch that Paypal sees a void in as per their own standards, which they will also deploy themselves). Our infrastructure is quite excellent. To summarize:

    – Paypal has setup an internal think tank- A business case is being made for Pakistan- Paypal will be setting up its payment gateway swtich here- Trial with Easy Paisa are under works which at present is exchanging of framework information- Paypal has already engaged a law firm- Paypal has already engaged two technology consultants on their payroll (who are Chartered Accountants and are very well versed with technology)- This is NOT a result of any one Pakistanis effort or campaign, etc.- The advance team has already visited- Those in the know how are VERY quiet and have signed NDAs, etc. and hence are not talking much.- UBL and other banks are also in touch with them and vice versa- Full Services would probably be rolled out next year Q2/Q3 (2011) is the aim- A lot of documentation was scanned emailed to PayPal US regarding our laws, etc.- PayPal USA is directly looking after this.- Folks who claim they are directly helping Paypal enter Pakistan like Fouad Bajwa, Zahid Jamil, Irfan Qureshi, Monis Rehman, Javid Bukhari, Ambreen Merchant, Abid Z. Chishty, Jehan Ara, Sabeen Mahmud, etc. is all lies.- Paypal came here on its own.- 6 Pakistanis who are working very high up in Paypal internally have been discussing this amongst themselves for a long time and then decided to take this initiative.- Because of the security / travel ban, the goras from Paypal could not visit Pakistan. But 2 of the Pakistani were part of the advance team.- Singapore and UK office are providing very limited support.- Paypal knows VERY well what sort of license (or lack thereof) they need, and have been put in touch with the RIGHT people.- I dont know why EVERYONE in the industry wants to take credit for bringing them here that is simply not true- The kind of people they have hired for lawyers, technology consultants, payment architects, system architects, chartered accountants, and even lobbyists, I was HIGHLY impressed. These are just the right kind of people for the job. Discreet. Humble. Seasoned. Knowledgeable.- They also under disguise because Paypal barred them to do so, met outside for coffee/lunch, with all the top heads of all the cellular companies, via friends. The friends not knowing who they actually are.- Next team visit is scheduled for immediately after Eid.

  21. As per my knowlege Paypal and Payoneer are both owned by Israel and they don’t like Pakistan so they won’t be a good solution for Pakistanis. I have heard that they are trying to avoid trades with muslims so that they muslims don’t benefit from international trade.These may just be rumours but what I am looking at for the past few years, this is now proving to be true.

    2checkout is the only best international solution so far and can anyone tell me how to withdraw $2000+ from their account to Pakistan without using payoneer?


  22. Faisal Brother, I know its bad, Pakistan don’t have access to paypal but its sad, you are saying YEMEN and SOMALIA bloody, Both are muslim countries but in bad condition. Why we take things to meanless site ? if Yemen have paypal, that’s great thing, its our Muslim Country and famous for its vintage civilization.Thanks!

  23. For the same reason that you cannot pay for Skype credit with a credit card issued by a Pakistani bank. Certain people in certain circles would be hurt if PayPal comes to Pakistan.(just my theory)

  24. Bangladesh Bhi Nahi hai Bhai. Yeh koi aur Chakkar hai. I smell Indians behind it. They Indian Silicon Valley lobby may be at work here to maint IT hegemony in the Sub-continent. Think about it.

  25. I totally agree with above comment of Kami as whenever you call PayPal you will get Indian customer support guy most of the time. Indians are doing all major things for PayPal and they will get your accounts blocked if you access them from Pakistan even they are fully registered in UK, USA or Canada.

  26. Why the heck you are hitting your head on the wall. I have been doing all that stuff for long time.If you have a friend in USA, you can receive money in your paypal, paypal HIM or associate his acc with your paypal. Send money to his bank. Then use UBL Remittance service and money is direct into your account. You can even wire cuz ubl has a swift code. (Wire can be done in any bank in pk)

    This method has been working for me for last 4 years.

    But still i am dying to let paypal work with ANY Single Bank in PK.

  27. Any updates on this? Honestly, I’m unhappy with your post.If paypal say yes then ok, if paypal says no, live with it. If you have a company, you have this right.If you need to use a paypal account, you can use mine. email me at fan.focus(at)gmail(dot)com, if I can help, i will. Thanks.

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