FIA to Stop Piracy. What a joke!

I read an interesting piece of news today:
FIA directed to probe piracy of imported movies

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday ordered the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to probe into the piracy, rental and sale of movies having been imported legally. The directions came on the request of legal movie operators in Pakistan. The Minister for Interior made it clear that anybody who was found dealing in the sale, rental and airing of legally imported movies on cable would be dealt with severely under piracy law. staff report

Source: Daily Times

Now, I’ll address the lack of technical capabilities of FIA in handling something like this later, but first their seems to be  an issue. Does piracy come under the umbrella of FIA or the regulator – which in this case would be PEMRA.  The news article itself was hilarious…

… anybody who was found dealing in the sale, rental and airing of legally imported movies on cable would be dealt…

Now, first of all, who the heck actually imports a movie legally. Times have changed. Torrents anyone?

Secondly, who would “rent” a movie to a cable-wala? Duh!

Third, is FIA itself. Here is an organization that is best suited for working on anything BUT cyber crime / digital crime.

Highly inept organization, when it comes to the ‘digital’ world. Having dealt with them on this front, FIA and its Cyber Crime Division called: National Response Center for Cyber Crimes. I mean if you want to tackle the issue of piracy, why not stop the distribution channel, rather than the users?

If you have a drug problem, do you try to make the addicts kick the habit or do you stop the flow of drugs (the source). I would assume major effort would go towards the source problem.

In case of illegal or “legal” movies, the issue is torrents. You cannot stop torrent, and asking FIA to stop it? Bloody joke. They could not even stop their website from being defaced, and you expect these folks to stop torrents. Sure!

Having dealt with FIA (especially the Cyber Crimes Division) in the past, its a farce believe me. They are amateurs, armed with theoretical knowledge, have no proper investigative skills, most of them have never even been trained in forensic sciences (for the digital world), totally wet behind the ears and above all, you should see them all working together – its down right hilarious.

To tackle the issue of piracy – with respect to say torrents, you will have very limited success. To handle it via-a-vis cable operators to stop airing – how many cable operators will you stop? How many will actually get reported, etc. How many will actually comply?

Case in point, you don’t fight the bear – you learn to dance with it.

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