Ten Things I shall do immediately when I become President of Pakistan (or PM – whichever comes first):

  1. Legalize Alcohol – might as well.
  2. Invite the Sweedish Bikini Team (Courtesy Coors)
  3. Scratching/Grabbing/Massaging your private in Public – will yield to instant flogging!
  4. Spit Pan on a Public place and we have the equal right to spit on your face!
  5. It will be okay to say WTF – even on official documents. Exclamation marks can be used for emphasis!
  6. In order to sit on my Federal Cabinet, you MUST have an IQ of 120+. You must excel in the vertical for the Ministry under your control. You must be fluent in English – yes, we shall ask you to highlight some of the books you’ve read recently. You will have a minimum of a Masters!
  7. There will be NO such thing as a Police Escort. Everyone gets the same treatment.
  8. I shall induct a special police that will whip everyone and make sure everyone gets in line. On the road, waiting for the elevator, at the ticket counter, in the bank, etc.
  9. Horns will be banned. Plain and simple.
  10. Establish an Internet Exchange (about time!)

This page was last updated on April 22, 2010.

9 thoughts on “Ten Things I shall do immediately when I become President of Pakistan (or PM – whichever comes first):”

  1. good thoughts… but u haven’t mentioned anything about international visits with ur cabinet on the expense of public tax.u haven’t mentioned anything about media?

    well i must say the top 10 stuff is been clearly mentioned but u need to increase the list to at least 25 things you need to do when u become PM or President.

  2. What do you think of yourself? Firstly who is voting for you that you’ve already started thinking 10 things you’ll do. First you learn what is politics then step for it!

  3. What about condoms and people making 20 babies per family who they can’t feed, clothe or education. There needs to be a castration or de-sterlizing policy.

  4. RETARDED! STUPID! if i was president i would:set the country straight- economy, politically, and sociallyhire hit men to hit altafend the war on terror once and for allset up massive infrastructural changes privatize the power sector to some extentCRUSH any force detrimental to the nation anywhere in the countryprogressive tax structure so that the rich corrupt assholes pay upbring electricity and education to every damn village and city so that we wont be so backwards establish much closer ties with china so that the industry in the country progressessolve the kashmir issue once and for all by taking as much of the land as possible and reaching a dam agreementjail and execute any murderers, including such politiciansexile and confiscate property of politicians who have hoarded the people of Pakistanset up a strict government which would eventually dissolve to a more democratic state

    these are just a few of the things i will do the chances of me becoming the president are slim but o well if i was president Pakistan would be great

    by the time my term is over Pakistan will be a superpower

  5. Future President

    Being born as a Australian citizen and being very gifted in studies. I hope to become the president of Pakistan. I will idealize the modern infrastructure and education system into the country. Still keeping the religious cultures. Currently I am still 16. But anything could happen.

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