Movie Review: From Paris With Love (2010)

Rarely does John Travolta  (WikiIMDB) make a movie that is not entertaining. From Paris with Love – is perhaps his most entertaining movie to date (after Pulp Fiction and Swordfish). I had not seen a trailer of it – or read up on it – did not even know the cast until the movie switched on.
Here is the official trailer for it (

The IMDB Page Entry is here:

Movie is Rated: R – Playtime: 92 Minutes

Year: 2010

Wiki: From Paris With Love

Official Website:

Verdict: Bloody Good Movie. MUST SEE!

Summary: Charlie Wax (John Travolta)  is a Special Agent assigned who visits his newly assigned partner James Reece (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers – WikiIMDB) who is the US Ambassador’s Assistant in Paris. The movie is action packed – lots of driving, gun action, and wicked fight scenes. It portrays around a group of Pakistani terrorists operating in Paris who plan something sinister (don’t we always).  Great action and fast paced. You will NOT be disappointed.

This is your popcorn hour movie. Great on the surround sound, and a must watch on the big screen.

Movie Poster

Here is another version of the movie poster…

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