Movie Review: Invictus (2009)

Here is another movie I had no idea about except that it had Matt Damon (WikiIMDB)  and Morgan Freeman (WikiIMDB) in it. Had not seen a trailer or read a review. Pure cold play.
Here is the official trailer for it (

The IMDB Page Entry is here:

Movie is Rated: PG-13 – Playtime: 134 Minutes

Year: 2009

Wiki: Invictus

Official Website:

Verdict: A very moving and powerful movie. Definitely a must see.

Summary: This is a true story of the end of the apartheid in South Africa and Nelson Mandela’s release from prison to becoming the President of South Africa. It has less to do with politics and more to do with the 1995 Rugby World Cup that was held in South Africa and Mandela’s dream to win it – beating the reigning world champions The New Zealand All Blacks (Wiki Official Page).

The movie is Produced and Directed by Clint Eastwood (WikiIMDB).

If you’re in the mood for watching a truly moving movie, this is definitely it. Great acting!

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