Movie Review: Shutter Island (2010)

When Martin Scorsese (WikiIMDB) makes a movie – you just gotta see it. I had heard about Shutter Island and saw the trailer, could not wait for it to come out on HD so I could watch it. Wow! What a great movie. Albeit I don’t want to give the plot away (you can always read the Wiki page for the spoiler), but this is a fantastic movie.
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Movie is Rated: R – Playtime: 138 Minutes

Year: 2010

Wiki: Shutter Island

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Verdict: A MUST watch movie. Truly entertaining.

Summary: Leonardo DiCaprio [WikiIMDB] (who play the role of US Marshall Teddy Daniels) and his partner is played by Mark Ruffalo [WikiIMDB] (as Chuck Aule) the movie is about two US Marshalls going to this island hospital called Ashecliff Hospital (for the criminally insane) called “Shutter Island” (off Boston Harbor) to investigate a murderess who has gone missing and presumably is on the island. The Head psychiatrist of the hospital is played by Ben Kingsley [WikiIMDB] who in the movie is Dr. John Cawley, and there is some superb acting by Max von Sydow [WikiIMDB] who plays the role of resident psychiatrist / surgeon Dr. Jeremiah Naehring.

The movie is a suspense thriller. It has a unique twist to it towards the end – that I don’t want to give away. Watch every little detail as all of it makes sense in the end. It is a fantastic movie to watch.

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