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  1. I guess funding for terrorist activities can occur anywhere around the world, and not allowing financial services to particular countries for that reason is the case of throwing the baby with the bathwater. Unfair and one of the greatest hurdle to the growth of e-commerce in Pakistan.Like Faisal Khan and many others, I have been affected by this problem as well, and any Pakistani who would turn to internet to make a living will have to go through hell before the payments actually reach him or her.

    I hope they listen to you this time around, highly unlikely though. However, I have never figured out why so many people keep on using PayPal, despite their pathetic service and heavy fee deduction. To me, Moneybookers is the perfect payment solution.

    However, my appreciation and respects to Faisal Khan, again.

  2. I keep stressing this is not an issue of Paypal alternatives – for that I am writing a separate article by itself called “DOing Business in Pakistan without Paypal: Life in a Paypal sanctioned world”:)

    With regards to the issues PayPal has, I believe so many people are bombarding them from all directions, they need to sort out the chatter from the noise.

    The 3 institutions that I named are (I firmly believe) the correct ones to aid PayPal to come to PK.

  3. Faisal Bhai, thanks for writing this. (The Law Firm) I think is major hindrance. Other than posts like this, what else can be done? What are all these Task Forces are doing? I know there is big one on E-Commerce in Planning Commission.Many more thanks for taking this up on behalf of all of us. Let us know, how can we help :)

  4. Indeed a good post, U just identified the lawfirm in your post regardin Paypal, Mr. Smith the Tech Evangelist at PayPal pointed out even the lawyer in IGF 2010:P

  5. although i m working in ro2.biz the chatting earning site,although i have earned many a dollars from this site but pay pal is not working at Pakistan, its not justice

  6. I also badly wanted to start online business. I opened a bank account in Singapore to use it with paypal but failed. Now I am using AlertPay on my website. AlertPay is not very good as most of my customers emailed me about the confusion Alertpay creates during validation of customers credit cards. Most of my customers could not buy due to this.But I beleive I have no choice.

    BTW Faisal, I really appreciate your hard work towards paypal.

  7. HEY ASIMMay I ask why you “failed”?

    Btw god job faisal bhai, i really hate papal for making it so hard for pakistanis to make money online. why is pakistan always “that country” its crazy

  8. I do my job through internet.without paypal i have problems in receving money(i hate the administration of Paypal & the Government of Pakistan not for operating in Pakistan)

  9. This is something compelling article. You just did you job excellent.I once contact the paypal regarding Paypal’s Pakistan plan, I got reply that they can’t disclose it but they are working on it, but it was 2 years ago. :(

    I think, user base is here in Pakistan but something wrong either at our end (Pakistan, image) or at their end, God know better.

    Hope for the best….

  10. Faisal, Thank you so much for the effort. i am back to Pakistan from USA, i was the Web Business Lead in a company making 30 Million Dollar per year, Paypal does not know how much lose its facing, if they come to Pakistan, we can open online businesses here and paypal can make billions with that. but the issue is a country i left for the reasons i cant explain here. how they can allow big money to come to our local market.

  11. I am in the desperate need of paypal right now. I withdraw thousands of dollars in my paypal using odesk then I BEG people to help me in getting the money out of f***ing paypal system.

  12. If you create an Paypal account from other country even with correct information and original bank account of that country, still you can’t use Paypal account in Pakistan. They’ll limit your account.I was in UK at student visa and created paypal and used it for 4 years. Recently I come back to Pakistan, and used the Paypal as my normal routine. After 2 weeks later, Paypal limited my account as saying suspicious activity and to submit some documents. I uploaded all my doucments, but paypal kept my account limited.

    Two days back, I contacted Paypal by phone from Pakistan they told me you can’t use Paypal in Pakistan as it’s blacklisted and not supported. You can use Paypal in any of our supported countries. Contact me back when you’ll be in UK and I’ll restore your account back. All this said by paypal to me.

    After all this, I’m really frustaed. What the hell is IT ministery of Pakistan is doing. I can bet you even they don’t know what is Paypal?

    I’m now thinking, why I’m here….

  13. Friend i appreciate , But the issue is PayPal is the Israel’s property and they mail last time , Pakistan Not accept Israel as a sovereign country , so we cannot provide in Pakistan .2nd : If you wana use paypal also here in pak you will have to register company there in UK 20 Pounds fees and then open business bank account + Address of UK ( Your Lawyer can manage this as a virtual account ) . so total expense will be 1 lakh PKR. And you can use easily as well.


  14. Good work Faisal! I wish we had more like you. With all the despondency we live in, it really takes a lot to stick your head out and take the trouble to say something worthwhile.

  15. @AsifWithdraw from odesk is simple, 2 ways,

    1. Withdraw to your local bank directly, it will cost you a $30 per withdrawal

    2. Withdraw to moneybookers, cost $2 & then withdraw from moneybookers to your local bank that cost $3

    So,if you earn from odesk no need to beg anyone.

  16. well faisal bhai thanks for such a nice post and doing Good Job For the pakistani users, i am also facing this problem regarding paypal..and right now i am using alternative of paypal to get paid like WU..

  17. The reason PayPal doesn’t do business in Pakistan is the same reason they no longer do business in India. Two many items sent by sellers disappear, buyers file a dispute, PayPal reverses the sale. Sellers lose. Whether the buyers are scamming or the post office employees steal, or whatever – it is just too risky to sell to these countries. PayPal needs to find a way to protect the sellers.

  18. Hi! Faisal bhai you r a very good job.well done your efforts are good for us.thanks for such a nice post and doing Good Job For the pakistani users, i am also facing this problem regarding paypal..and right now i am using alternative of paypal to get paid like .

  19. I find the comments fascinating. We seem to have blamed every entity from Israel and Indian lobby without any introspection why Pakistan is blacklisted. Any company will not enter business in a territory where the risks of financial losses far exceed any potential revenue. Yes, Paypal will help a lot of small businesses in Pakistan and yes, there is a possibility that a portion of the money sent may get stolen, laundered or worst end up funding terrorist activity. These problems needs to be addressed first before we start unfounded rumors that company X is influenced Isreali or Indian lobby propaganda.

  20. Dear Mr. Faisal,That feels really nice to hear from you about PayPal issue in Pakistan. One thing that i could never get is that, why can’t over government authorities see the potential we have got in IT industry. What the heck our IT ministry is doing??? At least they can contact with PayPal authorities to start providing services in Pakistan. If we have other online payment services in Pakistan and Banks in Pakistan have also developed E-commerce systems of their own then how come we can’t use PayPal in Pakistan??

    Can’t they see that how much talent is filled in the people that despite all these hard and tough circumstances plus not having PayPal in Pakistan, we are making progress in online Business.

    I’m a freelance writer, blogger and a web Entrepreneur. I have no problems dealing with international market because i have got skills, talent and passion and so do my employees. But when it comes to PayPal, even we can’t help ourselves despite having all the skills in our hands.

    I really wish if someone from PayPal reads this article and do something for 20 million and counting online souls that are waiting to roar in international market.

  21. Thank you Faisal,All business men in Pakistan are facing the same problem including me and I think our government officials our IT department and even state bank may dont know the worth of PayPal for boosting business otherwise they will try to bring PayPal to Pakistan. If PayPal can come to Pakistan. Millions of Pakistani large and small business men can boost their business through PayPal. But the big question is how will do this?

  22. Please read the following and also visit paypalsucks.com

    “What is the Difference Between PayPal and the Real Merchant Account That You Offer?”

    With a Real Merchant Account, your funds are directly deposited into your personal or business bank account, which you control and which is also protected by Federal Banking Regulations.With PayPal, your money is deposited into a PayPal Account, which PayPal Fully Controls. Since PayPal is NOT a bank, they do not need to follow federal banking regulations. These regulations are designed to help the “Average Joe” avoid issues like having their bank account frozen for weeks or months with no explanation.”Who would trust their money with a bank that could do that?”Sadly, Paypal routinely freezes its customers’ accounts for almost anything and without warning. Once an account is frozen, the funds are often held by PayPal for months on end with Absolutely No Recourse for the merchant.

    A domino effect occurs when a PayPal account is frozen, leaving the merchant with No Means To Fill Orders. Those orders are then disputed by customers, creating more chargebacks and the illusion of fraudulent activity on the part of the merchant. The Bottom Line? Accept credit cards with a Real Merchant Account.

  23. Anyway, if you need someone to help you move your money, I can help, email me at fan.focus[at]gmail[dot]com . I know its not easy to trust someone so we can chat and if both parties agree, we will proceed. Hope the blog owner is ok for me to help out here.

  24. Why Can’t any one in Pakistan’s big institution open another method like Paypal for Pakistanis ??? Its not that complicated thing As Pakistanis you have to learn to stand on your own feet if Paypall doesn’t go to Pakistan than just F*** It and find anotherway to get this one its Billions of dollars Market in Pakistan there must be some one in 180 Million SOuls to take this task.

  25. I have a personal friend who uses payoneer via oDesk. As my previous offer, it’s still available. :)I have also contacted many of you personally here as well as in another blog where many Pakistani adsense account was banned. Link is here: getsatisfaction.com/google/topics/i_need_adsense_accountSo, email me if you need to use paypal. But there will be strict conditions. Just here to help.God knows best.

  26. i really appreciate the efforts you put to write this article, would you mind if i link to this article from my blog ? i would also like to ask you what you recommend what should be done, for the individuals and businesses in Pakistan who wish to buy and sell in the international market ?

  27. Faisal Khani am think about this topic which you start about Paypal.i send many times email to paypal company,why not paypal in pakistan,he’s Said me your GOVT and Bank not provide Safety To buyers.if you can help.we can do something paypal for pakistan.i have biggest plan business in pakistan through paypal.what think about this.you can contact me.Zeeshan Raza http://www.fb.com/zeeshansoni

    1. @zeeshanraza Amazing but still i can say it is not that hard, i don’t know about others but Ecom solutions Pakistan had solved my problem that i was facing like one have cheated me i lost my confidence in companies but then i got to knoe about Ecomsolutions and now i am satisfied.

  28. yo yo yo.. i’m still here to help those pakistani in need. try my interview cos i only help to who want to help themselves. :)Take care, Peace.

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