XtraNormal – Self Made DIY Animated Movies.

XtraNormal is a really cool website. This is a website where animated movies with speech are present, but the best part is – users like you made them.

Turns out, Xtranormal has this Text-to-Movie (TTM) movie making system that is super easy and simple to use, you can chose one or two actors and make either monologue or a dialogue. The  actors are actually animated avatars.

To start a movie project, you will obviously need a script. I think that’s the hard part. Once you have your script figured out, you and then drag and arrange various action icons to animate the whole scene. The action icons is essentially scripting for facial expressions, hand / body gestures, animation, and of course, the camera angle.  The text of your script is converted to a computerized voice

No, you won’t be churning out work of art in 5 minutes. It does take a little learning to do. Took me about 30 or so minutes to really figure everything out and then churning something worthy of showing.

There is also a downloadable version called STATE which is a Windows application where you can make the TTM movies on your desktop. As the STATE home page says:

Make a 3D movie with unprecedented ease. Tell a funny joke, Send a personalized message to a friend. Kickstart your Hollywood career.

Click here to watch Xtranormal videos. Profanity/Language Caution. Also see some of my favorite ones below:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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