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Every year, for the past four years, I have been doing something in January, I write to Pakistani banks, via their websites (online) and gauge them on their response and customer service. Whilst for the past four years I was doing it purely out of curiosity, this year I decided to test our online banks and see how responsive (or lack thereof) they are to online customer queries.
The goal is simple:

  • I have three questions that I shall be asking them, during different times of the week.
  • All three questions are different.
  • All the emails will go out from Gmail and Yahoo (so they cannot claim, that they never received it)
  • I will gauge the banks on the following:
  • Average time to reply
  • Was the Question answered (Yes/No)
  • Was there the response adequate
  • Professionalism in their reply
  • and other ancillary information that I will post (but not yet). Don’t want to give the whole thing away.

The report would be placed online, here on my blog as a downloadable PDF. It would be interesting to see how this detailed experiment of mine goes.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Customer Service – Pakistani Banks”

  1. This is a wonderful idea to check how Pakistani banks treat their customers and whether they deal with your questions professionally. In this way they may concentrate on their mistakes and improve the quality of their service.<a href=””>Moving</a>

  2. That is pretty good idea and I hope we can draw conclusions for which banks we can use, as having the best costumer service, something really important for me! Did you post something about how your experiment go?<a href=””>Handy Moves</a>

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