Phishing Emails on the rise.

Allied Bank Phishing Emails
For about five years now, I have been collecting and trying to figure out how come Pakistan has been receiving so many phishing emails.  It started out by tackling where these phishing emails were originating from and specifically in which country were the phishing servers located. Indonesia and Thailand were on top of the list originally, and nowadays, it is pretty much evenly spread out, from Ghana to India and Russia to South Africa, and everything in between.

For some darn reason ABL seems to be a target of a lot of phishing emails. So many come through every single day, that I’ve actually stopped collecting them.

Why they keep targeting Pakistani users – is somewhat not clear, since a lot of the Internet Banking websites use Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Here a peek of my collection

Phishing Emails.If anyone has investigated this issue, please do get in touch with me. I’d love to hear what they found out.


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