The MCBLite Experience.

MCBLite Wallet powered by VISA
MCBLite as offered by MCB Mobile Payments, part and parcel offering by MCB Bank is a mobile eWallet that is ubiquitous to the bank and the mobile carrier. It is termed by MCB as the World’s 1st Socially Connect Mobile Wallet powered by VISA.   

The sign-up process is pretty easy, barring a few kinks in the UI/UX, it is almost a non-brainer and is easy facilitation.

Just go to the following link and a pop-up message will allow you to provide your name / mobile number, from which you get the invite code/link.

MCBLite Sign-up


Once you are done with registration, you will get the MCBLite pack at your mailing address in a few days (took 4 days for mine). In the interim period you will get an SMS telling you how to register your PIN (again a very simple procedure. PIN registration is done online on the Internet).

This is how the pack looks like when it arrives and you open it up:

MCBLite pack


The quality of all the paper printed is okay, considering. Yes, that’s a key-chain you see in the picture! :)

In order to have the card activated, you have to fill out a form, which is in short an account opening application (in an ideal world you would not have to fill this out, the bank already has this information when I filled out the application online. I should just be able to go to any MCB branch, they should print it out and just make me sign it).

MCBLite Application Form


The card itself is a very uniquely designed card. The VISA hologram sticker happens to be on the backside.  Its not a smart-chip card, but a regular magstripe card.


The charges and limits can be seen below. They are much better than say that offered by UBL Wiz cards.

MCBLite Card: Charges & Limits

So, in the afternoon, I went to the MCB Branch in Phase 4 (DHA, 9th Commercial Street) to get it activated and complete the KYC process.

MCB Phase 4 DHA Branch Karachi

I was referred to the counter. The man at the counter kept asking me…

Which branch do I have an account in?” I replied, “Do you know about MCB Lite? Yes or No?” His reply “No“. I then asked him to perhaps call someone else who would know, and he just kept on asking “Bhai jaan aap ka iss branch mey account hai?” (Brother, in which branch do you have an account). [I was not allowed to take his picture when I asked]

MCB Phase 4 Branch Counter

Just then some assistant manager came to help me and knew exactly what to do. Seven minutes later, the very courteous assistant manager, gave me back my card, my receipt and informed me 10 minutes later my card should be activated. I still had to call the Call center for ATM PIN registration and basic activation.

I spoke to a CSR Sufiyan Husain, who was awesome. The only boo boo was that despite my application form saying that I wanted MCBLite 2 package (see my application snapshot picture above), the account was showing that I was still on MCB Lite 0 package and for any upgradation, I needed to revisit the branch.

I’m still not clear as to how an IBFT (Interbank Funds Transfer) can be done from my existing bank into MCBLite, however, that I will attempt to try later on today and report.

On the security side, whenever funds are loaded or you log on to MCBLite, you get an SMS for all such activities which is a great thing to have; to know if money came in, or your transaction was successful, etc.

The cool (and I guess the standard) thing is that online charging (Internet/CNP) needs to be activated, and as per our liking it can be for a couple of hours, a day, a week, or 1 month, etc.

Next challenge is to see where the MCBLite VISA card can be accepted online where traditional Pakistani Debit and/or Credit cards have issues.

I hope MCBLite comes out with a native iPhone and Android app (which is pretty simple, considering the screens I saw). This would be a huge plus for MCB and should not take more than a month’s effort at best to roll it out.

Overall, a pretty smooth experience, the few kinks would be ironed out for sure, but it is very reassuring product.




This page was last updated on February 4, 2014.

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  1. I had my Order Taken on-line, earlier today… 3~4 working days to go for the Card… the Lady CSR Lady said you need to get you package done as the end of the Session at Activation time…. :) no visits so far… :)Its a Pleasant experience so far… :)

  2. Hey, did you try IBFT into your MCBLite card? AND does the card work on sites where other Pakistani cards are not accepted? E.g FB or Amazon? Please do tell

  3. Very nice information, i got to know about thsi card when i visit my mcb branch they said to apply online on mcb website but i was not able to find a registeration form so i apply through contact us form and got call from 3 days, i give them all info now waiting for the card, i hope its better than ubl wizz

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