Pakistan on the World Press Freedom Index Report 2014

Press Freedom Index 2014


Reporters Without Borders released its 2014 annual index called: Press Freedom Index 2014.

Pakistan’s 2013 rating was 159. Its rating for 2014 was 158. This is nothing great considering in 2013 Pakistan slipped -8 places to 159. With Pakistan’s press continually subjected to illegal eavesdropping and snooping by the various government agencies, this horrible rating that we have today is not going to improve anytime soon. Also read Big Brother is Watching.

The 2013 World Press Freedom Index Map looks like this:

Press Freedom Index 2013 Map


The report can be downloaded from here.

The 2014 World Press Freedom Index Map looks like this:

World Press Freedom Index Map 2014


The report for the World Press Index Freedom 2014 can be downloaded from here (CSV file).  The official page for the same can be seen here.

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