How to disappear from the online world.

Disappear from the Internet

Privacy comes at a price for those on the Internet. For some people like myself, who thrive on internet exposure for business, privacy is a by-product compromise. For others, it is a concern. Sure you enjoyed the Internet, but now are thinking how can I just disappear from the Internet? Is there a way? Can I really just vanish?

Sure you can! Though there are caveats to this statement, but you can vanish in a much larger sense.  The infographic below provides a really easy to understand steps one needs to take to disappear from the Internet.

How to Disappear from the Internet


I must credit that the source and much hard work that has gone into the creation of this infographic is done by WhoIsHostingThis and the infographic can be found here.

This page was last updated on February 23, 2014.

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