YouTube Channel on Payments & Payment Systems

Faisal Khan YouTube Channel

Setting up my own YouTube channel is something that has been on my mind for sometime now. The goal in view is to have a channel where I can put up informational videos or short duration (1-5 minutes) that explain on small aspects of payments. 

One thing I learned from answering 1000s of Questions on Quora is that there is an immense thirst for knowledge in the payments space and not many are willing to share it. If I can take my answers, and break them down to small informational videos, it would be beneficial to 1000s of people who are trying to understand various concepts associated with payment.

Ideally I would have started at the starting of this year, but hey, its never too late!

Hopefully, sometime in March ’14 I should have launched the channel and will put the videos out. Knowing that YouTube may be restricted in certain markets, I will be uploading the videos simultaneously on YouTube and Vimeo.

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