People of Pakistan want to ask you some straight Questions

People of Pakistan

I think the government should mandate a Customer Support Ticket software in each and every department of the Government of Pakistan (including provincial governments). The goal? Anybody should be able to ask a Question and be provided with a support ticket number and a complete thread of the conversation.

I, for one want to ask the parliamentarians of my constituency some pertinent questions. Then also, I want the Minister of IT and other Federal and Provincial Ministers to ask Questions. I want answers. I am sure others do too.

This is not asking a lot. Heck, its well within my privilege and rights. The appointed politician and/or bureaucrat must be able to reply personally to the Questions asked and be accountable for the answers. Only the person asking the Question can close the ticket one the answer has been fully answered.

Needless to say, the system is open to abuse. The best way to go about it to levy a screening process where-by the person asking the Question needs to fully identify themselves as well as levying a small charge (so that 100s of useless tickets cannot be opened up).

Granted there would be pluses and minuses in the system, but what better way to connect with the concerned, other than the Internet. Its easy, convenient and economical.

In this day and age, there is a huge issue of not receiving replies from the emails or even letters written to the Ministries, etc. The old excuse email never came, or letter was lost, etc. would no more be an excuse.

There is another secondary purpose that such a system would serve. It would enable the creation of a knowledge-base. How many governments have a knowledge-base?  If for example I ask a Question from the Ministry of Finance that what is the procedure to become a bank, the answer becomes part and parcel of the knowledge-base.

It may be an over-ambitious project, but then again we need this. The cost of such a system would literally be peanuts. I think the entire system could be hosted locally and served for less than Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 1 Million per year.

Worth looking into? I think so. Why? Because the people of Pakistan want to ask you some straight Questions!

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