Fake Facebook Likes, by Facebook, Inc.

Face Facebook Likes Fraud
I’ve been very suspicious of all the campaigns that companies, people and events do on Facebook, promoting the number of Likes they have. Running a small business on Facebook myself, I too discovered lots of fake Facebook Likes for my small business Art | Paper | Form. I’ve always wondered how the heck does someone accumulate so many Likes.

For example, 14th Street Pizza: 1.152 Million Likes. I doubt 14th Street Pizza has served so many unique customers. Even divided by a factor of 6, this would mean 250,000 unique customers who get the Pizza Delivered. Please excuse me while I cough! (am allergic to bullshit).

14th Street Pizza Facebook Page

Ginsoy Extreme Chinese has 81,000 Likes. I know this number is wrong, for I saw it climb. Too rapidly. This just isn’t right. Check out the engagement on their page. For each post, 30 people, 60 people, 48 people are actually engaging. Very rarely you would see 100 people. Surely, out of the 81,000+ Likes, only 50 people on average engage (I’m being generous with the 50 people). Fake numbers I bet you!

Ginsoy Extreme Chinese Facebook Page

Then we have the mighty Pizza Hut Pakistan. For a chain that is all over Pakistan it has less likes than 14th Street Pizza. How unfair is that? But then the engagement is only 200 people, occasionally 300 people, then back to 120 people, etc. Over a Million+ people and less than 300 decide to interact! I definitely smell a rat here!

Pizza Hut Pakistan Page


It wasn’t until I came across this video on Facebook, that it really blew me away as to what was happening. I was right all along. Advertising on Facebook is a scam!


[facebookpost https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=748822798463228]


If it looks like fraud. Smells like fraud, you don’t have to pay for it to experience fraud. Buyer Beware!

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8 thoughts on “Fake Facebook Likes, by Facebook, Inc.”

  1. Low engagement is because a status is most of the time not shown to majority of fans unless you have clicked on “Show in News feed”.I personally think both Pizza Hut and 14th Street Pizza likes are real.

  2. There is some other way to get gigantic number of likes in a very short time and it has nothing to do with fake profiles or those profiles who love liking pages randomly (as mentioned in the video). I had such experience 6 months back. I got a notification in my newsfeed that a page has changed its cover photo. It looked suspicious to me because it was neither a sponsored story nor I had liked that page. I clicked on it and what I saw was that I had liked that page already (which I didn’t). The page was launched 30 minutes back and had 20000+ likes. After a few minutes, the likes were 30000. I rechecked after an hour and the number of likes had reached over 100,000 and it included many of my friends too (who also never liked that page). It must be some loophole or bug of core Facebook or of any of Facebook apps and I hope it has been fixed.

  3. I partially disagree.1- The number of likes on a page doesn’t depict the number, or a percentage of that number of the customers of that brand or product. It is just the number of people who like your page and who are interested to stay updated with the recent activities of the page. It never means that they have to become their customers. 2- You are mentioning the number of people engaging at Ginsoy by discussing the number of people who are liking, commenting and/or sharing their posts. What you don’t know is the Edgerank (Google it) It’s A mechanism through which Facebook allots a specific initial reach to a post and then it gradually increases just like as it was shown in the video. Also you will read about the 10% rule on Facebook pages that gives a post on a page a maximum of 10% organic reach and that too if your post is engaging enough. Otherwise Facebook will just show that post to only 2% of your fans news feed and if the post gets any engagement, then Facebook will increase the reach to 2% more of your total fans and will keep doing it till it reaches upto 10%. For example if I share a post at a page with 100 fans, only 2 fans will see it initially and if both of them likes it then Facebook will forward it to 2 more fans news feed but if only 1 fan engages at the first step, Facebook will share it to 1 more fan instead of 2 and this mechanism goes on. To get more engagement after this 10% edgerank mechanism. Facebook wants you to pay to boost post. One other way to increase your reach to more than 10% is by doing engaging activities and contests.3- There is a number of people reached bar below each post visible to only the admins of the page which approximately is near the 10% of your fans as Facebook shows that your post reached the 10% of your fans now the number of likes and comments you get depends on the nature of your post. 4- I would disagree with the promote post mechanism described in the video because by using that feature, your post gets boosted and reaches everywhere in the world, even if you set specific countries. Social media experts are considering it as a bug which may get resolved soon. In the meantime, advertisers should use Facebook Ad manager to setup, execute and manage their ad campaigns. Though I would agree that there are people providing fake likes that’s why the game has turned to ‘Talking About’. The bigger number of fans you have, the more difficult it will be to get maximum reach and increase your page’s talking about number. Facebook has clearly said that they will show your post to 10% and you have to pay to get more reach. They don’t need to sneak up fake fans to get more. money.

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