The Tipping Menace

The Tipping Menance

One thing absolutely peeves me off is the menace of tipping and how the society at large has pretty much accepted tipping. Barring a few countries where tipping is either frowned upon, discouraged or simply not practiced, the majority of the world is slave to tipping.

Why do we tip? It is because businesses (read: employers) can get away with tis practice and make the patrons pay for it. Some clever bastard must have thought about this money-saving scheme and now the whole world almost revolves around this practice.

When I eat at a restaurant – what am I paying for? The food? The ambience? The heating/cooling? The music? it seems everything, but the Waiters and Cooks and the helping staff.  Seriously? How messed up is that.

Rather than adding 10% or 15% or 18% tips to the bill, why not include the damn money in the price of the food items in the menu in the first place? It seems even if this is done, society will still continue to keep on tipping, so extra money for the restaurant owner.

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The same is true for say hotels, car parking lots, malls, taxi rides, limo rides, bars, elevator attendants and even bathroom attendants! Now I gotta tip someone just to take a piss! 

The only way tipping can be discouraged is if the patrons refuse to pay. But sadly we take sympathy on this issue, citing that waitresses don’t make enough money. That honestly should not be our problem. It should be the business owners problem. You should let them know. Voice your opinion and thoughts on this.

Even countries like Australia where tipping was literally a taboo, is now part and parcel of the tipping jungle. The question today is not if you tip or not (that universally will qualify you as a bastard of the highest order if you don’t tip), the question now is how much should you tip. 

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Believe it or not on a personal level I asked quite a few friends who frequently travel and asked them about the tipping menace. Almost everyone universally agrees this is a bad practice and needs to stop, but no one has any idea how to go about it. It seems nothing short of a legislative intervention would make this menace go away!

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