LinkedIn Premium: Is it worth it?

LinkedIn Premium


The $64 Million question. Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? Every now and then, more so than often, you will be bombarded by LinkedIn to upgrade to the premium service. Just so you can have the added features like InMail, and rise to the top, etc. get more visibility, etc.

I tried that. I opted for LinkedIn Premium for 4-months, and found out, its not for me. As a Consultant, I am not looking for job offers. I am however looking for more visibility of my profile. I have no qualms in paying for a premium service, but it must be able to deliver something tangible. 

What is “more” tangible for me?

  • Multiple photographs
  • Being able to upload documents
  • Have native icons to connect to my social media
  • Being able to see how a person came to my page? What was the referring page? or the search term that yielded them to my page. If possible, I would like to see who exactly came to my page. For example if someone was typing the words Payments Consultant and they clicked on my profile, I want to know that, these were the referring words/phrases that got them directed to my page.
  • Some analytics on the time. What are the best times for me to post, etc.
  • On which days do I get the most audience?

The current offering of LinkedIn Premium sound inviting, but that’s all there is to it. Once you go Premium, you will feel, other than the who looked at your profile, you really aren’t getting much.

LinkedIn Premium Plans

I was able to achieve greater visibility to my profile and connection, by engaging more with my connections and posting on Groups regularly. That was by far the best result I got out of LinkedIn. I understand the LinkedIn blogs would be rolling out soon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that, but between the regular service and the Premium service, I would stay with the regular offering, until something really exciting (and pragmatic) comes along in the premium offering.

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