Pakistani Banker and Bitcoin

Whilst discussing crypto currencies with a Senior Banker from a reputed Pakistani Bank (read: one of the Big 5)…

Banker: “Bitcoin is a joke! It will fail”
Faisal: “Seriously? Do you know what Bitcoins are? Really? I will ask you?”
Banker: “No, not really! I read a few articles in….”  (I cut him off)
Faisal: “Do you own some? Have you played with Bitcoins?”
Banker: “No”
Faisal: “Never owned one? Not even one?”
Banker: “No”
Faisal: “How about a Wallet? Do you have one? On Blockchain? or elsewhere?”
Banker: “What is a wallet?” (cut him off again)
Faisal: “Do you know what a Blockchain is?”
Banker: “No”
Faisal: “How about a Satoshi? Know what it is?”
Banker: “No”
Faisal: “How about what mining is?”
Banker: “Mining??? You mean minerals…”
Faisal: “Ummm never mind”

… switching subjects and thinking he better start working on his resume.

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