Around The Coin (Podcast): Episode 31

Around The Coin (Podcast)

This episode Cass Phillipps joins Brian, Faisal and Mike on the show. Cass was the creator of FailCon. FailCon is a conference for startup founders to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success. FailCon is produced in over a dozen cities on 6 continents around the globe by people just like you.

Cass started her career in the performing arts where she brings many of her learnings to the technology industry. She now works as a game designer at Pocket Gems on their newest title, Episode – Choose Your Story.

We discuss perspectives on startup failure, performing arts and finding your life’s calling.

Hope you enjoy!

Our speakers in this week’s episode:


Soundcloud: Guest: Cass Phillipps – Organizer of Failcon

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