Quora. You don’t park it. You position it.


Quora: The Next Frontier.

Almost any one who knows me, will tell you of my love for Quora. I really love Quora!

For those of you who don’t know of Quora, it is a Question and Answer website. You’re probably thinking Yahoo! Anwers!, but then you and I have different tastes. Quora is far apart from Yahoo! Answers as a Bugatti is from a Skoda. Trust me on this.

As a Consultant & an Entrepreneur, Quora is as important to me as checking my email. It is one of the few things-to-do­ such as brushing teeth or having breakfast in the morning.

I discovered Quora in July 2011. About 3 ½ years ago. My first answer can be seen here. After that, it’s been an addiction so to speak. However, I’m not here to revel in my love for Quora, but to let you know, as a budding entrepreneur, how important Quora can be in your life.

Top 10 List why you should be on Quora:

A friend recently challenged me, to immediately name top 10 reasons why he should use Quora. I’m sure I could have found some great reasons, but here is my Top 10.

  1. Perspectives: Quora is a great place to read up on how differently people view things. The perspective of different users can be a valuable resource.
  2. Tolerance: Quora also makes you tolerant of other people’s opinion (be it in agreement or disagreement to your own views). Just like any other medium Quora has its fair share of prima donnas and trolls. But look above the noise and you will see the true human fabric of this Earth.
  3. Near & Far: Quora spans the entire globe; its users are truly global. Much to the frustration of some American users, Quora’s audience is actually more international than American. India is the number one traffic source on Quora.
  4. Subject Matter Experts: On Quora you will find all sorts of subject matter experts. From Architects to Zoologists and nearly every conceivable subject matter expert in between.
  5. Amazing Topics: The wide variety of topics on Quora is simply amazing. You can easily get overwhelmed by following a large variety of topics. Chances are your topic of interest is on Quora.
  6. Knowledgebase: The knowledgebase of Quora is constantly growing. 10,000s of people are contributing towards it on a daily basis.
  7. Idea Validation: Quora is a great place to throw out your idea and ask questions about it. Depending on how well you structure, ask and promote the question, the results can be fascinating.
  8. Always Learning: You are always learning on Quora. Be it reading short one-line answers or longer 5,000 word answers, or the comments section, Rest assured you will always be learning something.
  9. Connect with People: As you spend more time on Quora, you will start discovering subject matter experts (in your area or outside your area) that you would like to connect to (i.e. network). You will be able to connect with these people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora Mail and further enhance your network.
  10. Google Power: Whatever you post on Quora, Google gobbles it up. As Quora is now one of the Top 500 Websites (as per Alexa) and produces Quality content (that Google loves), its SEO power is not to be underestimated. If you’re on Quora, chances are you will be found.

People are quite skeptical when they have a preconceived opinion that Quora does not pay back. For the skeptics, I refer to my candid answer on Quora: Has anyone benefited tangibly from answering on Quora? My Quora profile can attest to the fact that if you keep at it, and invest time on Quora (or any other community for that matter, it does pay back). You just have to invest time, and be consistent.

How Long Does It Take To Make It?

First of all, there is no limit to making it. The more time you invest in any particular forum, the more you get recognized. It all boils down to how efficiently you manage the time on Quora and what do you compliment this with? Are you promoting your Quora answers? Are you active on LinkedIn? Are you tweeting about it? Etc.

Here is my own estimated thumb-rule for investing time on a new community.

  • If you spend an average of 1 hour per day, it will probably take you about 1 year to start forming a recognizable presence on Quora (or any other community like Reddit) This assumes that you contribute at least 2/3rd of the time.
  • At the same contribution level, in about 1.5 years, you will start not only amass a small following, but by now, you would have shed useless topics, would have followed more relevant topics, would have improved your contributions, you would be sharing them more on social media, and above all you’d be following the right people, after a few follow/unfollow. You’re now entering the pro-zone.
  • Again, with the same level of contribution, 2 years later, you are now well entrenched on Quora. You have a decent number of answers, and if luck would have it, you might even have bagged the title of Top Writer. You are now well-versant with long-tail keywords and how to use them in your answers. How to insert Questions in your answers, to further make you pop up at the top of SERPs, etc. Your following and follower base has grown, and if you’ve been paying attention, there is Mailbox activity happening which you should definitely address. You’re a Pro, but White-Belt.
  • If you’re still around and have not abandoned all the hard work you have put in, this is the year it yields results and pays back. The 3rd Year and each subsequent year from here onward are simply the Rewarding Years. They will reward – if you align your parallel efforts as such. You’re now a bona fide Quora Power User, or Quora Yoda (or even Quora Ninja) whatever title you prefer. You will get listed in SERPs a whole lot more. If you’ve focused your writing efforts in a particular niche, you ought to be getting queries both within and outside of Quora.

In all manner. Share! Share! Share! Quora alone will not make you uber-famous, but if you share content on other social media platforms and run a few blogs on Quora, etc. the odds are in your favor.

Remember, being generic on Quora – yields no benefit to anyone but Quora and its users. Being focused yields benefits to you, Quora and its users.

You will be able to pick up a lot of business from Quora if you position yourself correctly. It kind of reminds me of an old advertisement of a Bentley.


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It’s never too late to start. Don’t park yourself on Quora. Position yourself!

This page was last updated on November 5, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Quora. You don’t park it. You position it.”

  1. I loved Quora whenever Im reminded off – then i forget – but i think you are right addiction begins when you contribute – contribute to the point of being part of the community – my sitting on the sidelines has probably not captured my attention -i definitely need to give it a good shot – its brim ful of intellegent people giving intellegent thought provoking ideas – always

  2. teethmaestro Quora provides immense value. Sadly, everyone I have recommended Quora to, have shown limited enthusiasm and then their interests wane off. If one is consistent, there is a world of a difference Quora can make in your life.

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