How many Pakistani Brands on Twitter wished their Christian citizens Merry Christmas?

Tameer Bank wishing Merry Christmas
25th December in Pakistan hold dual meaning. It is the birthday of our Founder, Quaid-e-Azam (Mohammad Ali Jinnah) as well as Christmas for millions of Christians around the world and in Pakistan.

Browsing through social media, I saw almost every conceivable Pakistani brand, posting a picture or tweeting about Quaid-e-Azam. This was beautiful to say the least. But this is where the good news ends.

Not a single brand I could come across, had tweeted or put up a picture post, wishing the millions of Christians in Pakistan, a very Merry Christmas.

As I follow the banking sector very closely, the answer was: almost none. The ONLY exception was Tameer Bank.

Might I remind these companies, our flag is composed of two colors. The Green that represents Islam and the White that represents minorities.

It is absolutely shameful that as a brand, you would have no feelings towards the millions of Christians who live in Pakistan and call it home. One tweet! One Merry Christmas picture posted on Facebook would have done the trick, but no. Sadly, Pakistani brands are biased towards the green only.

I will name and shame some brands (I’m posting this at 1930Hours on 25th of December 2014. Prior to this time-check, no posting have been made, a fact that can easily be verified online).


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