The Money Wiki – The effort has started…

Last year I had announced my plans to work on an idea that was hovering above me for months. The idea was simple, to have a crowd-sourced wiki for all things related banking, payments, money and economics.

It was one of those things that I wanted to do, but just didn’t get time to actually starting it. Well, 1s of Jan. 2015, I did start the project. The Money Wiki.

Everyday, I go through my exhaustive list of bookmarks and keep adding pages, bit-by-bit, chipping away and I for one, am glad I am finally seeing it come together. It will take a few months before I am reasonably content with the content in it. Right now it is in its infancy stages.

What I need is help. Both financial help and volunteer help. I need financial help to hire full-time dedicated resources to work on The Money Wiki. I need volunteers to help contribute data & content that they have access to.

I’ve put together a pretty detailed FAQ page, that enlists and describes what the project is all about, how can one contribute (volunteer) towards the effort, etc.

I will also be publishing the financial requirements for the project and will then be raising it from friends and colleagues in the field, who, hopefully would be able to contribute.

If you can spare free time or a dime towards the project, please do contact me so that I can add you to the contributors list. 

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