Open Mustard Seed: Identity Management on Steriods

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post on Federated Identity Management: A consensus based approach towards solving the KYC problem. Then someone pointed me to the direction of Open Mustard Seed Project (Official Website) or OMS as it is called for short.

I had never heard of OMS and decided to check it out, the intro video is just fascinating. This is what the world has been waiting for. Whilst it is not a 100% identity management solution (like I had talked about) it does deal with identity as one of its sub-sets and is more of a web framework for sharing data.

As per their website…

A Framework for developing and deploying secure cloud applications to collect, compute on, and share personal data

The Open Mustard Seed (OMS) project is an open-source framework for developing and deploying web apps in a secure, user-centric personal cloud. The framework provides a stack of core technologies that work together to provide a high level of security and ease of use when sharing and collecting personal and environmental data, controlling web-enabled devices, and engaging with others to aggregate information and view the results of applied computation via protected services.

The OMS has been around for more than a year and this trust framework is ready to work with.

Open Mustard Seed (OMS) - Human Driven - Collaborative

Now, I’m not a programmer/coder, so much of the information on the website, goes over my head, but from the little bits and pieces I can read and comprehend, this project does involve a collaborative effort on how data can be shared and stored. It does seem to use some form of a consensus to validate, but I cannot be 100% sure of that.

Open Mustard Seed (OMS) - You're in Control of Your Data


What is great is that the entire project is looking at the existing US and EU privacy laws and is in compliant with how data can be stored, managed, accessed and shared.

Patrick Deegan the Lead Architect for ID3 discusses the recent version of the Open Mustard Seed platform for individuals and groups setting up their own personal data stores, trust frameworks and data driven applications.

The project is sponsored as an Open-Source Project by

ID3 (ID Cubed)

This is definitely worth checking out.

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