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Mobile Commerce: Increasing Adoption

Mobile Commerce: How You Can Work Towards Increasing Adoption Rates?

A few months back I did a detailed study for a client on increasing mobile adoption rates for a Mobile Commerce research project. This was detailed surveying at the grassroots level, but with a very limited survey sample size.

The question is still relevant today.

The reasons for sharing some of these slides (with permission) is that today there are various discussions on how to increase the mobile commerce adoption rates? These questions are usually asked by MNOs, Microfinance banks and Payment System Operators.

I’m sharing some slides below that discusess a very vital point, which is understanding Buyer’s Persona. I supplied the emphasis, because people often dismiss this to be a subtle (or moot) point and then wonder why the adoption rates are not picking up.

The PDF version of this truncated presentation can be downloaded from here: Mobile Commerce – Mobile Conversion Rate & Mobile Strategy (Part IIa).

I will publish part IIb and Part III in the days to come.


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