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Mobile Commerce: Increasing Mobile Conversion.

Improving Mobile Conversion

Merchants who want to improve mobile conversion, first have to start with a mobile strategy. This is the second presentation in a three series post on how to concentrate on customer behavior, merchant mobile strategy / mobile conversion and payments in mobile space.

Till such time merchants are not thinking about a mobile commerce strategy, adoption rates for mobile commerce will continue to show dismal performance. Think mobile strategy, improve mobile conversion rates and you will automatically see higher mobile commerce sales and increased adoption of mobile payment systems.

A great company in this arena is Nicolas Meterns’ company Sign2Pay, they have published a lot of internal papers related to mobile conversion. Nicolas has a great video on it too, and I will take his permission to upload it and present it here as well.


The PDF version of this truncated presentation can be downloaded from here: Mobile Commerce Strategy and Mobile Commerce Conversion (1.8MB PDF).

I will publish part III in the days to come.

This page was last updated on August 20, 2015.

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