PayPal’s 3rd Quarter Results 2015

PayPal’s 3rd Quarter Results 2015

PayPal recently released an infographic of its 3rd quarter results. What is important to note is that these are the results after PayPal split from Ebay earlier this year.

PayPal Q3 2015 Infographic

What is interesting to see here are the revenue figures of PayPal: YoY revenue increased 19% and that is indeed spectacular by any measure. Even more impressive are the numbers for payment volume and free cash flow.

Another important takeaway point was the average transaction value (it is a very crude estimate, but one that will suffice): US$69.74B / 1.22B = US$ 57.16 per transaction.

I was thinking the average would be much lower like maybe between the US$ 20 to US$ 30 range, was actually surprised to see it as high as US$ 57.16

PayPal also published the mobile numbers of 345M mobile transactions. If we take this in context with 1.22B transactions then 28.27% of the transactions being done on PayPal’s ecosystem are mobile.


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