Remittance Alliance: Explainer Video

The Remittance Alliance is no longer an academic pursuit.

The remittance alliance is no longer just a dream. It is real. The Money Transfer Alliance Program is slowly gaining steam. Ever since the first article was published (See: Uberization of Money Transfer), the goal was to not make it an academic thing, but something practical that can be executed with an MSB or two. For the past couple of months, our partners have been doing just that. Getting the proof of concept validated. As we approach March 2016, we are now actively signing up MSBs and drawing them into the program.

The concept is simple, uberize the money transfer companies and provide them with a front-end / back-end platform, operating guidelines and settlement agreement. The end result: The Alliance. A consolidated multi-domain platform that would allow MSBs worldwide to align together and benefit from the combined power of the network and the players within it.

Here is a brief explainer video that sums up the basics of the whole program.

In the coming days, we will be conducting 2-3 webinars on alliance program as well as releasing more informational vides and packets to aid all those interested get a better understanding of the ecosystem we are trying to create.


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