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Online Remittances

Great article published by the folks at Fintech Ranking – which is managed by the VC firm out of Singapore Life.SREDA (yes, that is how they write it).

Though the articles talks about Fintech players only in remittances, it does a good job of capturing some of the major players in the cross-border money transfer business.

This is a condensed article and much more would be available in their Money of the Future research report that comes out annually.

The World Bank estimates that by 2016 there will be more than $700 billion sent overseas between family and friends, with $646 billion sent in 2015. This chapter and more will be published in our annual “Money of the Future” research. “Remittances are now nearly three times the size of official development assistance and larger than …

Source: Online-Remittances | FinTech Ranking

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