Will MoIP impact like VoIP? – Chris Skinner’s blog

This is a brilliant read from Chris Skinner. We’ve all heard about the Internet of Money and the spat that is going around here (you can read about that here).  However, Chris Skinner talks about MoIP (Money over IP). Just love the analogy and it is so true. Just like VoIP (Voice over IP) disrupted the traditional telecommunication companies, MoIP is poised to disrupt the traditional financial services companies, aka Banks.

Think about the layer of MoIP that is now slowly emerging in the banking and payments landscape. Won’t be long before such MoIP companies will be offering money related services better and more efficient than the traditional banks.

I’ve talked about open sourcing banking and finance by converting everything to components (APIs) that can be plug and played into any front-end user experience (UX) through apps and devices,…

Source: Will MoIP impact like VoIP? – Chris Skinner’s blog

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