FT Partners: Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenges Report (May 2017)

Global Money Transfer Report

Whenever FT Partners puts out a report, you know it is worth the weight in paper! You want to print it and devour each word, each sentence, each number and each infographic.

In early May (2017), FT Partners released the Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenge report. The 185 page report does decent justice to money transfer industry.

Various industry faces are covered and the following companies have been highlighted:

If you’re a money transfer industry veteran, there is nothing new so to speak. Just a lot of consolidated data, which I guess is the purpose of the report for investors and investment bankers, etc. who feel like putting their money in this industry.

The CEO interviews are okay. However, some of the industry data collected is presented with brilliant ease.

The company profiles are excellent. FT Partners have done a justice in presenting a compacted version of both the company and the market it is in. I do question some of the companies in the report, whom I feel do not belong in there, but in all fairness to the unsung heroes behind this report, I tip my hat on an excellent document for the industry.

The report can be downloaded from here: FT Partners: Global Money Transfer: Emerging Trends & Challenges Report (May 2017)

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