Despite their importance, international remittances are plagued by a million and one issues from high costs to slow transaction times. To motivate and highlight ideas that have made significant contributions to improving remittances, Hugo Cuevas-Mohr (remittance expert) partnered with Mohr World Consulting and IMTC Conferences to develop the Remittances Innovation Awards (RemTECH Awards). These awards aim to recognize the achievements of individuals or companies who have developed solutions to address the problems in international remittances like the cost of sending a money transfer.

This year the competition was open to worldwide contestants and I was honored to be chosen as one of the judges for a panel co-chaired by Greta Geankoplis and Luis Buenaventura with Leon Isaacs, Yakov Kofner, Sofia Freyder, François Briod, Mehul Dasai and Juan Llanos.

Using a set criteria for judging entries, my peers and I rated the entries for awards and mentions. It was an exciting experience to see so many companies implementing unique and innovative methods to improve remittances for both senders and receivers.

The winners were announced yesterday (June 15, 2017) at the  Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID 2017) at the United Nations in New York.

Source: Awards 2017 – The RemTECH AWARDS

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