Universities add blockchain to course list

With over million+ Java developers worldwide (could very well be in the multiples), there is a huge vacuum on blockchain developers. Fintech recruiters cannot find and hire developers fast enough. Suffice to say, such turnaround thinking by the universities and then I am sure by the likes of Coursera, Udemy, et. al. is a glimpse as to how important the distributed ledger technology, i.e. the blockchain will become in our life.

US universities have been quicker to join the bandwagon. Stanford University launched a bitcoin and cryptocurrencies course two years ago. A similar course is offered by the University of California, Berkeley, and another is in the works at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are also scores of internet tutorials, many of them available for free as massive open online courses. Coursera, an education-focused tech company, has joined with Princeton University to offer an 11-week cryptocurrency technologies course.

Source: Universities add blockchain to course list

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