How To Securely Send Money And Gifts To Overseas Family And Friends

How To Securely Send Money And Gifts To Overseas Family And Friends

In the technological world of today, it’s easy to get carried over confident with what we can do. One thing that’s drastically improved over the last decade is how we transfer money and gifts to friends and loved ones; unfortunately, whilst there are improvements, there are still areas for problems to arise.

Here are some tips on how to reduce the risks involved with sending funds and gifts overseas.

Use trusted banking systems

Money in a card is one of the most common and touching gifts. We all know the risks of sending money domestically though, and these risks are raised when sending money internationally.

One smart way to get around this is by sending money via the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) payment system, which most good banks offer.  Instead of sending an empty card overseas, you can complement your internet transaction with a personally designed e-card. You do not need advanced technological skills or great artistic flair, a great eCard maker will do the hard work for you, so you can email it to your loved one. This way, you’ve saved money on all shipping, while ensuring the money you’ve sent will reach their bank account.

Purchase gifts on websites local to the recipient

It may seem like a wise decision to buy goods in your country and get them shipped – maybe you have seen a variety of quirky items that you’d love to send; however, shipping charges can be expensive, and there is always the possibility of them getting lost in the post.

It’s often cheaper to purchase gifts from the recipient’s country and have them delivered direct to their house. All you need is to get their address, pay for it as usual and then choose their house as the point for delivery. This takes all the hassle out of shipping on your side, and will mean your loved one gets their gift sooner and in a more environmentally manner.

Save money by using currency exchange services

While banking systems might be the first port of call when it comes to transferring money, they’re often the most expensive and are best avoided if you’re planning on sending smaller amounts of money.

It is recommended that you search for other services which offer currency exchanges as their main service. These services are especially popular due to their often-better exchange rates, which provide better value for money than their banking counterparts. The money can be transferred straight into their back account which is convenient for both you and the recipient.

Buy loved ones alternative gifts

The great thing about modern technology is that giving gifts is a whole lot easier. While before we might have bought a boxset for a relative, we can now purchase gift subscriptions to the likes of popular streaming services. These often have all the latest popular TV shows and movies. As long as you have the recipients e-mail address you can easily sign them up. There’s no need to stick to classic gifts in the modern world.

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