Four Valuable Degrees to Pursue for Your Future Business Career

Undoubtedly, the world of business is the most profitable career path – whether you’re seeking gainful employment or wanting to be your own boss. Because business experience and knowledge are valued across all industries and career paths, having a fundamental understanding of business ensures stable employment and an ability to venture into business for yourself in any niche.

Business degrees are by far the most popular degree sought in the United States, but pursuing a nominal bachelor’s or master’s in business these days won’t help you stand out from the pack. If you have a passion for business and want to acquire vital skills that will make you both a better employee and a better entrepreneur, then keep reading to find out about four degrees that can be instrumental in any business career.

Information Systems

In a world where business is increasingly reliant on technology, possessing the skills to manage networks, computers, and other electronic equipment couldn’t be more valuable. An increasing number of people are pursuing degrees in information systems due to the value they provide.

Through a physical campus or via an esteemed online course offered by institutions such as the University of Alabama-Birmingham Online, pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in information systems can pave the way for a six-figure salary shortly after graduation. UAB online identifies the four most common areas of study to be IT management, cyber security management, project management and organizational management. These skills are not only appealing to an employer but useful when starting your own business.

Project Management

Another vital skill-set in the world of business is project management. For those wishing to pursue a career in business, a degree in project management can essentially guarantee job security in any business-related field.

As more companies seek to manage more complex tasks and greater numbers of people, those with experience in project management can command high salaries and cushy positions within Fortune 500 companies. It should also go without saying that any entrepreneur would benefit from possessing the skills offered by this degree.


The only thing as ubiquitous as the need for business-minded individuals is the need for marketing solutions. People who follow their passion for marketing can expect wide-open career paths, as the skills necessary to be a good marketer transfer across industries, niches, and job sectors.

With a bachelor’s degree in one field of marketing or another, you’ll be in high demand by employers who need to handle the challenges of both traditional and digital marketing campaigns simultaneously.

Human Resources

Last but not least, the ability to mediate, manage and otherwise guarantee order within an organizational setting is one of the most valued skills in business. Human resources graduates help fulfill a variety of beneficial roles, making this degree a great investment. With above average pay, flexible hours and minimal interaction with outside forces, human resources jobs provide both peace of mind and job security in an increasingly hectic business world.

Pursuing a successful career in business doesn’t always revolve around a straightforward business degree. There are dozens of alternatives that prepare employees and entrepreneurs alike for the struggles of the business world – while also imbuing them with skill-sets that can be easily transferred between employers and job sectors.

This page was last updated on January 31, 2018.

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