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Digital Marketer

A couple of days ago I had put up a post on Facebook for a Digital Marketer that I am looking for a new venture that I am starting, based out of Istanbul as well as assist in my existing venture of banking & payments.

Here is the job description as I see it:

The Startup:

The startup is related to providing professional services related to migration, resident and work visas and passports. Helping and enabling people to move abroad to a select number countries for which we have representation and experience on.

The programs are specifically designed for single men/women, young couples or young families, that don’t have lots of money but want to move aboard.

The service is a concierge  level services, which implies not just having clients fill out forms and get the residency/work permits or passports (citizenship by investment) but assist with the initial migration (tax, banking, utility setup, apartment rental, schooling, insurance, healthcare, etc.)

Target markets are developing countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Sub-Saharan African Countries, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and a few countries from Latin America.

This is a high-ticket items sales marketing position.


  • If you are fresh or a n00b, out of college/university, etc. you’re not for me.
  • If you’re a senior with more than 8+ years of experience, you’re not for me.
  • If you have LESS than 3 years of experience, you’re not for me.
  • If you work for your own company and want to offer your services to me, you’re not for me.
  • If your husband & wife team does this and wants to take me as a client, you’re not for me.
  • If you want to do this in addition to your regular day job, you’re not for me.
  • If you plan to outsource any aspect of your job, you’re not for me.
  • Growth Hacking, Hustling and Scaling MUST be in your DNA. If you don’t have these attributes, you’re not for me.


  • I personally, don’t care if you went to university or not. If you have a college degree or not.
  • I’m interested in your skills set – which is what I would be testing and quizzing you heavily on.
  • If you’ve NEVER sold high-ticket items more than $5,000, then sadly, you’re not for me.
  • A background check would be required and you would have to have a clean recordThis includes providing of a Police Character Certificate.

Job Description:

You will be responsible for increasing the digital content footprint so that it shows up in all the relevant web mediums / domain-properties.

It would always start by understanding the properties we own and the properties where we would like the content to be in. This includes blogs, Youtube, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook, FB Groups, FB Live, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

Paramount to this exercise is the understanding the importance of keywords, keyword research and prioritizing them into a content calendar.

The goal would be to enable various content points from where traffic is driven to the sales funnel where very specific Call To Actions is presented.

You will be responsible for organizing the keyword research, prioritizing content based on the keyword research and traffic.

You will not be writing the content. But you will be curating a lot of it, as well as set the templates for the various landing pages, etc. (we plan to have 1000s of LPs).

This is not just restricted to web only. Video and Podcast will also be a significant part of the content /marketing. Understanding or the ability to quickly learn about the content placement, SEO nuances, etc. is required.

There is a limited amount of Search Engine Marketing.

You have to be good at what you do. Will quiz you, test you and ask you to showcase your credentials. I would not be interested in how large of a $ campaign you managed.

I’m more interested if you have a solid understanding of Internet Marketing Fundamentals.

Will strongly be looking for evidence of your campaigns with traffic stats where you have generic content driving decent traffic for a specific keyword. Forrest of domains where you have over time built inter-linked properties.

Proof of dominance in a particular niche., etc.

A basic test of tools (we deem to be important).

Rest assured all that is being asked of you to do, I do on a daily basis, so this is a field I understand very very well.

If you feel you can make an ass out of me and wing it – please seek solace elsewhere.

You will be part of the Executive Management team. So this is more than just being a marketer. Strategy, planning, upscaling business, etc. are all going to be part of your job description.


You will initially be managing this on your own and will be provided with an assistant as well as the necessary tools (subscription or otherwise) to manage the task.

The job initially will be work-from-home in Pakistan and then eventually after 3 months, start the process to move you and 1 spouse + 1 dependent to Istanbul, Turkey. You would then be required to work from the office (work from home option will be limited in Istanbul).


The biggest advantages of this job are mentioned below:

  • Help you move to Istanbul.
  • Apartment allowance (1 bedroom apartment)
  • Health-care
  • You ONLY HAVE TO WORK 2/3rd of your time with us.
  • 1/3rd of your time is free to work on your own projects/business.
  • Provide you with a basic relocation package
  • Provide you with a basic salary package
  • Bonus and Profit sharing for the entire team on reaching goals.

If interested, fill out the contact form, select “digital marketer’ and provide the necessary information:

  • Your LinkedIn ID
  • Your social media ID (those that you want me to look at)
  • Your WhatsApp Number
  • Your Skype ID

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted in the 1st week of August. If you did not get an email or call from me by the 1st fo August, 2018. You did not make the cut.

No matter how qualified you are. If you cannot follow instructions, I will drop you instantly. 

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