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Over the years, Faisal Khan has been invited for interviews by different online publications, event organizers, and companies. Here is a list of some of these. If you would like to schedule an interview, please contact us.

How to fix Pakistan’s financial services sector

People in charge of regulation, who are causing hurdles, should be removed or replaced,” says Faisal Khan, who has his own financial services consulting firm based in Istanbul. Khan is popular on the global question-and-answer platform Quora, where people from all over send queries on finance. Watch this clip to hear his take on what Pakistan needs to improve its financial services sector.

Posted by VCAST Online on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Interview of Faisal Khan, from renown consultancy firm Faisal Khan & Co at IMTC EMEA 2018 that took place in Brussels, Belgium, from May 17 to the 19, discussing the European Payment Opportunities for Money Transfer, Remittances & Payment Companies.

Faisal shares his views on the importance of the industry to realize the importance of small value cross-border payments.

He is very optimistic about the advance of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies into the industry and makes the case for participation in industry events!
Rebank: Banking the Future – In Episode 5, we’re joined by payments & remittances guru Faisal Khan. Faisal is a banking and payments consultant providing advisory services to banks, financial services companies and startups. He specializes is cross-border money transfer and all aspects of the value-chain associated with it, across B2B, B2C and C2C. Faisal has extensive knowledge in the design, integration & operation of payment networks and systems for international money transmission. Two things set Faisal apart in this space in my mind: his practical knowledge, based on extensive, on-the-ground research across the developed and developing worlds, and the depth of his knowledge around licensing, regulatory frameworks, and compliance. Faisal is extremely active on Quora as well at his own content-rich website He is also on Twitter @babushka99. Enjoy this interview with Faisal Khan & your host Will Beeson.

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