Bank Account For Money Service Business

Are You Looking for a Bank Account For Money Service Business?

Consider this:

– Have you been denied banking because you are a money services business? –

– Have you called up every bank to get a Bank Account For Money Service Business? –

– Are you frustrated that even after being licenses and regulated, you cannot find a Bank Account For Money Service Business? –

– Is the end getting closer for you, as you cannot find a bank who will open an account for a money service business? –

* * *

Hi, my name is Faisal Khan, and I’m a Banking & Payments Consultant. I specialize in working with Money Transfer / Money Services Businesses. If you are a licensed MSB / MTO, I can get you a Bank Account For Money Service Business.

Click here to learn how you can have guaranteed access to MSB Friendly Banks. You have nothing to lose by reading further.

 I fully understand the position you are in and what it means to lose a bank account.

I have assisted various clients in obtaining a bank account after banks closed their accounts because they were an MSB.

I can help you connect to  MSB Friendly Banks who will provide you with a Bank Account For a Money Services Business.

If you happen to be a fully-licensed, insured and bonded money transfer company / money transfer operator, holding valid money transmitter licenses for your money services business (MSB) and would like to learn more on how to get a Bank Account For Money Service Business then please read my page on how to access MSB Friendly Banks.


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