Barclays UK Closed Account

Barclays UK Closed Account?

Barclays UK Closed Account?

Did the Bank give you a termination letter and close down your MSB Account?

Are you struggling to find a Bank Account in the UK?

We can possibly assist you in getting a UK / US Bank Account.

Read more on how we can help you find MSB Friendly Banks. Guaranteed!

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 Finding access to banking for licensed money service businesses, money transfer operators and Bitcoin companies is a nightmare. Hardly any bank will talk to you, let alone open an account for you.

We can help you get a bank account.

The process is simply and one in which you are guaranteed bank account for your Bitcoin Startup &/or Money Services if there are no flags in your due diligence.

Barclays’ maybe closing your bank account, but the alternatives do exist. Click here to learn more about the entire process and any questions you may have on how to have access to MSB Friendly Banks.

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Bona fide money transfer operators who have a solid compliance program and have a working history, can easily qualify.

Get a Bank Account Today.


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