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The easiest way to launch your product & service without having to apply for a Bitcoin Money Transmitter License

We help you get bitcoin money transmitter license coverage efficiently and legally. We provide access to licensed financial institutions that can sponsor your project without you having to obtain your own licenses.

Seems impossible? It is not.

Are you in the market for a crypto money transmitter license? Finding the pricing too high? Takes too much time? Requires a lot of money which you cannot afford to invest right now?

It is a very routine practice for licensed banks and/or non-banking financial institutions to become the Program Manager and provide umbrella coverage for Money Transmitter Licensing for bitcoin.

We can help start-ups short circuit the time to go to market with their project. Want to serve the United States, the largest market in the world? Then you will definitely need licensing.

Let us help you get started.

Barring the State of New York (which has something called the BitLicense), our providers can provide umbrella coverage for licensing requirement in the states you want to operate it. We can provide this service for 49 states (with the only exception being the State of NY, as none of our providers have the BitLicense… yet).

If you would like to be up and running in the US market for your Cryptocurrency project, you need to have coverage for Bitcoin Money Transmitter License! There are NO exceptions or shortcuts.

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